A Convenient Truth

    Here’s a picture that’s worth many thousands of words: That’s what I call “A Convenient Truth”…. (H/T – Tim Blair and his international band of minions….)

    “Climate Change” Quote-of-Note

    We’re seeing the reality of a lot of the North Pole starting to evaporate, and we could get to a tipping point. Because if it evaporates to a certain point – they have lanes now where ships can go that couldn’t ever sail through before. And if it gets to a point where it evaporates too much, there’s a lot of tundra that’s being held | Read More »

    Rhapsody in Green: The Nightmare Continues

    Alert readers may have heard recent mention of a new report that has come out of Spain, analyzing the outcomes of that country’s big “green energy” drive – a drive that is frequently held up to us as a model for emulation. The results have been – to say the least – not only disappointing, but very negative. The salient economic highlights are findings that: | Read More »