Greenpeace Admits to Global Warming Propaganda

    BBC journalist Stephen Sackur exposed the Arctic ice sheet melt mistruth peddled by the environmental group Greenpeace in an interview with its executive director Gerd Leipold. Incredibly when Leipold was pressed on the claim that the entire 1.6 million square kilometer (620,000 square mile) Greenland ice sheet would melt by 2030, he admitted that it was unfounded and the organization ‘emotionalized’ issues to further its | Read More »

    Greenpeace Joins Growing Opposition to Pelosi’s National Energy Tax

    In a press release issued today, Greenpeace, has joined a growing list of concerned parties in opposing Pelosi’s National Energy Tax – The Waxman-Markey Climate Bill. Updated pic from our friend Caleb Howe Greenpeace joins Friends of the Earth, a coalition of 186 national and state leaders who oppose Waxman-Markey Cap-and-Trade (Tax) Bill, and The Congressional Black Caucus who are voicing concerns over a study | Read More »

    Endangered Livestock

    In what will truly sound the death-knell for any political ambitions I may have ever had, Amy Miller (h/t) got me thinking about something in a Twitter conversation. First, let’s face it, almost everybody hates the idea of whale hunting.  These are “beautiful” and “majestic” creatures.  God’s creatures.  Hunting them on the high seas brings horrific images to the minds of so many people, promulgated | Read More »

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