Not Easy Being Green

    On the eve of the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, the Review Journal there did a roundup of recent polling on the subject, concluding that the Political climate for energy policies cools. The combination of a bad economy and continuing evidence that the Earth is simply not warming has led an increasing number of people to either dismiss the Global Warming alarmists’ claims | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Dec. 16, 2008 Federal spending soars 25% before bailout Taxpayers get $1 trillion debt — Obama aide tied to failed immigration program Rushed citizenship push let in thousands of criminals — Obama team clears itself on Blagojevich Delays report for U.S. attorney — Greens worry Obama will drop their cause Energy team emerges — PRUDEN: Some more change to believe in — | Read More »

    Sarah Palin and Aerial Wolf Hunting

    I received an email today from a relative berating Sarah Palin for hunting wolves from airplanes, and was urged to not vote for McCain/Palin because of this. (There are a lot of emotional Democrats in my family: I think that I am the only Republican, unless someone is keeping their mouth shut…)The link to the video is here: Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund video Other | Read More »

    Who wants to turn back the clock?

    Some ‘green’ plastic-free living advice published on the BBC’s website today: Ask yourself, what did they do 50 years ago before plastic was around. The answer is usually there. So it’s actually the green left who not only desire a return to the days gone by, but they expressly want to roll back the innovations of convenience that made modern feminism possible. Interesting. I have | Read More »

    It was never *un*cool to mock the Greens, Glenn.

    It’s just that now it’s becoming mainstream, thanks to the sudden realization that, hey, it’s grawlix like this that’s putting our gas prices up past $4 a gallon. Real shame that the Democrats in Congress haven’t worked this out for themselves yet, huh? As for not making fun of the ones who are “bossy, self-righteous, and hypocritical”… well, issue them armbands or a medal or | Read More »