John Boehner Did What?

    John Boehner better stay up 24/7 until he figures out that there are only two feasible options, (1) Stop the spending, and (2) Reduce our National deficit. “May God Bless America”

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    The Washington Times: Today’s Headlines — Oct. 24, 2008 rips Greenspan for crisisEx-Fed chief concedes to ‘flawed’ faith in markets Kennedy secretly crafts health care planTurns ’cause of his life’ into ’09 bipartisan bill pays little heed to U.S. rhetoricSees stable ties after election fund seen as still strong Obama’s ‘firsts’ may make history, and victory races tight in the Midwest Good old Joe lifts the curtainMaria StainerAssistant Managing EditorContinuous News DeskThe Washington | Read More »

    Greenspan says we can’t afford McCain’s tax cuts

    Alan Greenspan says we can’t afford McCain’s cuts without a commensurate reduction in spending.Alan Greenspan says the country can’t afford tax cuts of the magnitude proposed by Republican presidential contender John McCain — at least not without a corresponding reduction in government spending.”Unless we cut spending, no,” the former Federal Reserve chairman said Friday when asked McCain’s proposed tax cuts, pegged in some estimates at | Read More »