Breaking: Greg Craig dumped as White House Counsel.

    Choice of verb deliberate, there: Craig doesn’t seem all that happy to be pursuing a new and exciting career as a data point in the November unemployment statistics. Tokyo (CNN) – In the first major shakeup among President Barack Obama’s senior staff, White House Counsel Greg Craig is being pushed out in favor of veteran Democratic lawyer Bob Bauer because of a dispute over plans | Read More »

    White House: It was all Valerie Jarrett’s fault!

    More accurately, it was a source from the White House Counsel’s office: The counsel’s office places part of the blame on the Office for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, which is overseen by Obama Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President Valerie Jarrett. Jones’s “czar” job was created by the OIAPE, and Jarrett interviewed Jones for the position. In speeches before far-left groups over the | Read More »

    Greg Craig: Lobbyist

    I suppose that the best fig leaf statement that can be made about Team Obama’s promises on lobbyists joining the Administration is that some lobbyists are more equal than others. Once again: I don’t have a problem with lobbyists. I do, however, have a problem with self-righteous poseurs who denounce the lobbying community even as they work to take advantage of the skill sets of | Read More »

    More on Greg Craig.

    To follow up on Brother Pejman’s post on the fellow: if you follow the link at Instapundit, you’ll see that Craig’s also the Obama mouthpiece that urinated on the netroots’ leg over FISA and told them that it was rain. Moe Lane PS: Judging from the linked site’s comments section, the NWO black-helicopter types seem to be migrating over to the Left these days, and | Read More »