Ending Groundhog Republicanism

    Ending Groundhog Republicanism

    Humanity is tormented once again by an age-old issue—is man to live in dignity and freedom under God or be enslaved—are men in government to serve, or are they to master, their fellow men? It befalls us now to resolve this issue anew—perhaps this time for centuries to come. Nor can we evade the issue here at home. Even in this Constitutional Republic, for two | Read More »

    “Groundhog Day: Debt Limit.” #noblankcheck

    Our own Ben Howe did this one for Heritage’s Foundry.org: If you don’t have time to watch it, the message is very simple: politicians keep lying about the debt ceiling. This is admittedly a bipartisan kind of exercise, but Democrats in particular were remarkably brazen about screaming about how Oceania was always at war with Eurasia we shouldn’t raise the debt ceiling right up to | Read More »

    Iraq’s Descent Back into Civil War Makes the Case for American Energy Independence

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

    -George Santayana (HT: Wikiquote)

    America now faces a typical conundrum that has plagued all of our recent Presidents from Dwight D. Eisenhower all the way forward to President Barack Obama. We depend upon the Middle East for much of the energy that provides our motive power. As a result of this debilitating dependence upon people who hate us and practice a system of ethics and morals totally alien to our own, we are increasingly compromised and forced into courses of action that do not benefit our national commonweal. If we produce enough of our own energy, while curbing our domestic consumption, we can break this cycle of self-sabotage. If we don’t break the cycle, every US President going forward will wage his own, pointless version of a Punic War in Western Asia. I describe the current state of play below.

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    Groundhog Gen. Beauregard Lee, SB XLVII and global warming

    But for early springs, Obama’s Bush-Tsunami-ATM-Hurricane Sandy-weakened economy would be worse Forterners and Former Browns will meet today, Super Bowl Sunday, in the man-made temperature-controlled Super Dome, less than 24 hours after The Sun set on Groundhog Day. In Lilburn, Georgia, Gen. Beauregard Lee, PhD (Doctor of Groundology, Georgia State and Doctor of Weather Prognostication, UGA)  promised less than six more weeks of winter given the overcast shadow-killing skies | Read More »