Free-Fire Zone: Atlanta

    Six attacks in two months.  Cars stolen, people shot and neighborhoods living in constant fear of attack. Baghdad?  Sri Lanka?  Zimbabwe? Not hardly. At and near the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta, students and local residents have been dealing with muggings and robberies for months.  Despite an increased police presence in the area, the Georgia Tech campus has become a haven for criminal activity.  In | Read More »

    The Real Lesson of Iran

    The principal lesson to be learned from the demonstrations in Iran today is very simple: they are demonstrations of popular unhappiness with the government, but nothing more. They represent virtually no threat to the status quo. “Why not?” you ask? Because unarmed people, no matter how motivated, cannot wrest power from armed police and armed militia! This is a lesson all too well known to | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — June 11, 2009

    Horror at Holocaust museum Gunman kills guard at memorial to WWII genocide victims — Gunshots pierce somber Holocaust memorial — Suspect spewed hatred, convicted in ’80s plot — Gun controllers say rampage aids their cause — Jewish groups say attack is a ‘wake-up call’ — Gunman’s victim recalled as a ‘gentle giant’ — Shooting was history ‘repeating itself’ | Read More »

    New Video On Gun Bans and Freedom

    Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) is sponsoring a sobering look at how the left is currently conspiring to disarm America’s black population “in order to control them.” Despots throughout time have first taken to disarming a people in order to later control them, of course. Are we seeing that propensity again in America? In fact, are we seeing carried out on the | Read More »

    Bush was right: Congress OKs Carry in National Parks and Wildlife Refuges

    From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, an AP report that Congress has voted to allow licensed gun owners to carry loaded firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges. The bill easily passed Wednesday in the House by a vote 279-147. On Tuesday, the Senate passed a similar measure. The House and Senate votes mark a return to Bush administration policy that briefly allowed loaded guns in | Read More »

    Liberals Love to Hate: Guns

    H/T to Lukem at USACarry. Liberals have made guns one of their chief enemies and primary targets.  After all, guns allow us to protect ourselves instead of relying on government protection.  They give us the ability to provide sustenance for our families.  They give us the opportunity to protect ourselves from an overbearing, controlling and tyrannical government (which, of course, is the primary goal of | Read More »

    Just a little humor for the Night Time

    Gun sales surge after Obama’s election Chávez gift to Obama shoots book to No. 2 on

    Eco-tourism off Somalia: Bring Guns

    I couldn’t resist sharing this from a gun site I frequent.  It didn’t have any attribution there or I’d source it.  It is funnier ‘n Hell in a sick gun-guy kind of way. I found a Somali cruise package that departs from Sawakin (in the Sudan) and docks at Bagamoya (in Tanzania). The cost is a bit high @ US$800 per person double occupancy but | Read More »

    Ammo Shortages and Why

    It has been apparent for quite some time that it is difficult to buy ammunition.  Many people think that it is regionalized or based on a store-by-store case.  The ammunition shortage is very real and encompasses the entire country.   According to a friend in retail that I spoke with, retailers that have been paying their bills on time are receiving more orders and at | Read More »

    NYTimes Anti-Gun Agenda: Using Discredited Anti-Gun Statistic on Mexican Gun Purchases in U.S.

    Once again The New York Times unleashes a not-so-hidden agenda on its reading public. Here the Times is regurgitating the debunked claim that “90%” of Mexico’s recovered guns used in crime south of the border are from U.S. gun dealers. There is a lot of misdirection in this piece against gun dealers and gun shows, as well. Contradictory claims are made with no proof offered | Read More »

    ABC: Scaring Parents About Kid’s Friend’s Gun Owning Parents

    Wait a minute Mom. Don’t let little Johnny go to his buddy Tommy’s house. Tommy’s parents are psychos that own — **gasp** — GUNS! This is the message that ABC is telling parents in an April 10 piece headlined, “Before Arranging Playdates, Ask About Guns.” Here ABC attempts to make every gun owner seem like a lunatic just ready to blow and encourages parents to | Read More »

    Not all States are jumping into the Anti-Gun Parade!

    It is great to be from Texas!  The Lonestar State is the only one (that I know of) that allows school administrators and teachers to carry a concealed firearm to a classroom!  Texas also has legislation in the works for the right-to-carry concealed firearms on college campuses.  This a huge step forward on gun rights and a slap in the face of the current federal | Read More »

    Our schools don’t teach History

    Our schools are no longer teaching US History.  It is a pale imitation of US history at best. Ask a college student about the French & Indian War.  They do not know about it.  They are ignorant as to how this war inevitably led the Colonists to the Revolution. They want to teach us that the Native American was the equal of his European counterpart.  | Read More »

    More gun trafficking rubbish

    The Associated Press published an article that talks about gun trafficking going south from the US into Mexico. It states that some of these guns are AK-47s, “military-style” weapons (which, by-the-way, to liberals includes most hunting rifles too), and Barrett 50-caliber rifles. Isn’t it interesting that the US government has sold the Mexican government (both military and police) Barrett 50-caliber rifles, M-16s and AR-15s for | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton: Sorry Mexico, Your Violence is All Our Fault

    Mexican government officials are in the pocket of Mexican drug lords. Members of the Mexican military lend their support to Mexican drug lords. Mexican police double deal by being footsoldiers for Mexican drug lords at the same time they work for the various states. It’s all a great, corrupt mess down there. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s message to Mexico? It’s America’s fault. And as | Read More »

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