10yo busted as terrorist in GA

    Of course in the meantime, who knows what other crimes are taking place while a big chunk of the police force goes after this cap-gun-toting little kid.   The kid’s mom sounds like the only reasonable person in the whole story. Maybe she can run for the school board.

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    Plaxico Burress v. City of New York

    From the diaries, by Erick. The WSJ has an interesting opinion piece written by David Kopel, of the Cato Institute. It discusses the recent news regarding Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress and the incident in a New York nightclub where he possessed an unlicensed, in NY, loaded glock and he accidently shot himself in the leg. The point Mr. Kopel brings up is regarding New | Read More »

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    Deterring a Mumbai Style Attack In the United States

    In the aftermath of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, one question that is on people’s minds is “Could it happen here?” Unfortunately, the answer is Yes. The terrorists were able to somehow cross the Indian border and coordinate an assault in a major city, where they preyed on a mostly unarmed populace. What about the police, you say? There’s a story where a photographer, Sebastian D’Souza, | Read More »

    Is Obama Change Incarnate?

    Podcast Show Notes Obama claims change comes from him, so he can surround himself with old time Washington hacks. More Charlie Rangel corruption. (Hat Tip: Red State.) The cost of the bailout.   Georgia ackowledges the need for strong marriages. One woman’s decision not to be an abortionist. (Hat Tip: Jill Stanek.) The perfect holiday gift: Planned Parenthood gift certificates.  (Hat Tip: Hot Air.) A university pro-life club | Read More »

    How To Tell The “Culture Wars” Are Not Over

    Peter Beinart had an article in the Washington Post the Sunday before Election Day arguing that the culture wars are over; according to Beinart, Sarah Palin was failing to connect with voters because Palin’s brand is culture war, and in America today culture war no longer sells….Although she seems like a fresh face, Sarah Palin actually represents the end of an era. She may be | Read More »

    Post-Election thoughts

    This is my first diary entry here and it’s a new process for me as I was never involved in the ‘blogosphere’ before this election. In the run-up to the election and subsequent fallout, I’ve been plagued by a bad case of dualism and I hope that this exercise in expression will help me compartmentalize some of my thoughts. As a Reagan conservative and pro-life | Read More »

    Spike in gun sales

    Its no surprise that there has been a spike in gun sales. As reported, sales started to increase on Election Day. Gun stores have been reporting upwards of $100,000 per day in sales. That is 5 times the average. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be because the liberal anti-gun Dems are about to take away another FREEDOM! All President Elect Obama has to do | Read More »

    Subversive Taxes on our Freedom

    As the dust settles around the 2008 election, one has to wonder which direction our freedom’s are heading? We all heard the platform promises of 95% tax cuts, job creations, universal healthcare, stock market stablization, and don’t forget economic growth. What does this mean to our basic freedom’s that we have taken for granted? Fulfillment of the promises will take one thing . . . | Read More »

    A******s on our side are a big part of our problem

    So today I’m out chopping wood, and I see some people cutting through the yard. They are back in the woods a bit, and I figure they are just the neighbor’s kids. A bit later I hear what sounds like a shot. Then I walk around the front and find their van. These jerks were cutting through what is obviously a residential area and hunting | Read More »

    Gun-and-Religion-Clinging Bitter-Enders Finally Get Their Say

    Bitter rural folk who cling to guns and religion finally find a spokesman: Hey, it’s Saturday….


    John McCain has a zero chance to be our next President

    **John McCain’s chance of being our next President is zero. Unless the GOP has a much bigger set of clock weights than they’ve shown so far. This idea will take some real nerve and a lot of people who think outside the box. It cannot be sugar coated or toned down. Being “toned up” is the whole idea. This idea has got to have passion | Read More »


    Red State Pride

    There is a Coat of Arms for those that cling to their guns and religion and ar proud of it. The design incorporates the church, the flag and guns. It comes on everything from shirts to coffee cups. See all the products below. Show your colors. COUNTRY FIRST See: http://www.cafepress.com/redstatepride

    Orlando Sentinel Invents New Anti-Gun Attack: ‘Disposable AK-47s’

    It isn’t every day that gun grabbers can invent a whole new catch phrase to use against our Constitutional rights under the Second Amendment, but the Orlando Sentinel is giving it the old college try just the same. Sentinel staff writer Henry Pierson Curtis extrapolates “an alarming trend” that he is calling “disposable AK-47s” out of the words of a Florida police officer. So, now | Read More »

    Gun sales among shops up about 35-percent due to Barack Obama

    From ConfederateYankee.com: Battleground State of Mind I just dropped by my local pawn shop to get rid of some items around the house that were not longer needed, and found them to be extremely busy. The high level of traffic in the shop wasn’t all the surprising considering this economy Congressional Democrats engineered, but what was surprising is why people were there.

    Obama’s Actions vs. Obama’s Words

    Clear thinking, intelligent voting requires research into the actions of our politicians, not just following what they say. This statement holds true more this year than any other. Barack Obama’s actions do not match his words. Going back to his years as a state Senator, followed by his select votes in the U.S. Senate, show his true nature, that of a far left Liberal. This | Read More »