Bush is wrong.

    Palin roused the base, McCain was unqualified to run as president precisely because he was hostile toward the base.

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    Reflective Indictments

    The Bible says in Proverbs 27:19 “As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.” Not so with President Obama who fails to recognize his image in those he condemns and whose reflection reveals the high and mighty heart of a self-affected politician. Take for example the President campaigning for health care reform by claiming, “Spiraling health care costs could bankrupt the | Read More »

    Stealth, or Maybe Not So Stealth Motives

    This time last year, Barack Obama had just won the election and was riding high. With the sweet taste of victory on his lips, a recent election setback sent Obama reeling in disgrace, a type of political humiliation clearly demanding political counter strategy. So presently, a wear down, undercut approach is actively underway. Two gubernatorial races and a close House seat left Democrats roundly trounced. In the | Read More »

    The G.Q.uestion?

    Katie Couric was so interested in Sarah Palin’s reading material that, in an effort to make her look foolish, the biased media news anchor implied Palin either didn’t or couldn’t read.  The left used the former Alaskan Governor’s irritated response to foster the premise that Sarah was nothing more than a dumb, gun toting, wild-eyed born again Christian whose reading material was limited to the | Read More »