John Yoo vs Jon Stewart

    [H/T: Michelle via Ace ] So Jon Stewart invited John Yoo – who is promoting his new book; Crisis and Command – to the Daily Show and proceeded, using his own inimitable mix of smirking, mockery, sarcasm and outrage, to "take down" the torture-justifying fascist and show him for the thoroughly evil henchman of the Bush Regime he was, leaving him a sputtering sweating wreck | Read More »

    On “Hacks”

    Mankiw demolishes Krugman. It’s worth remembering that Krugman won his Nobel for work he did before he became a pundit. He deserves the prize, but one of the unfortunate side effects is that the gratuitous nastiness and intellectual shoddiness one finds in his New York Times writings will become even more pronounced because his employers won’t have the courage to tell him that when it | Read More »