Shorter Murtha aide: We’re coming for you, Bill Russell.

    Politico reports: John Hugya, Chief of staff for Representative John Murtha (D, PA), threatened his Congressman’s last (and future) electoral opponent on at least two occasions. John Murtha opponent says aide threatened him The Republican who challenged Rep. John Murtha in 2008 says a top aide to the embattled Pennsylvania Democrat threatened to have him recalled to active duty in the U.S. Army so he | Read More »

    The Ultimate Betrayal

    Harold Philby said it best, “to betray, you must first belong” and certainly there are a plethora of politicians. Looking at the Saturday Night Live parody of Representative John Murtha (D-PA) I became more disgusted with this man, despite his otherwise honorable career as a U.S. Marine. His remarksafter the Haditha incident where he accused Marines of war crimes was the tip of the spear | Read More »