Michael Moore To Boycott Constitution

    On Twitter today, Jake Tapper points to a Michael Moore tweet, screencapped below: Certainly there is some humor in the idea of a Michael Moore-led boycott of an entire state as being anything the state would notice, but it gets even funnier when you realize how ignorant the outrage industry on the left really can be. For example, take at look at this excerpt from | Read More »

    Keith Olbermann Is A Twitt

    Never send to know for whomthe fail whale flies; it flies for thee. I was watching the Twitter pretty steadily today because the chatter about Obama’s tele-town hall was fairly amusing. I mean, sure, there was some bulltwitt, there always is. But overall worth watching. (Speaking of worth watching, second Olby story has come to my attention … video below fold) So I happened to | Read More »