Ship of fools turned away from Gaza

    When the IAF struck back after Israel finally said “enough” to Qassam rocket and mortar fire from Hamas, the first thought America’s terrorist-loving “peace activists” had was to load up a ship full of medical supplies for the oppressed and misunderstood terrorists and set sail for the Gaza Strip. Aboard was former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who never misses an opportunity to pay back her | Read More »

    We, these RedState users, support Israel inre the Gaza offensive

    THE PRICE OF FREEDOM IS VIGILANCE — AND A POTENT FRONT KICK The RedState users say ‘us too’! ~~~~~~~~~~ MINOR UPDATE (05JAN2009): Over 70 regular users have signed on, others have Reco’ed. And at this point Israel has ground troops conducting operations and engaging Hamas thugs in Gaza. Looks like they are not going to stop short of Baghdad, so to speak. Good on them! | Read More »


    When passages like the one contained in this story appear in discussing the most recent eruption of conflict between Israel and Hamas, you know that Hamas may well have stepped in it: There were protests and demonstrations against the offensive throughout the Arab world, as well as in several European capitals. In the occupied West Bank as well as in Israel, Palestinian demonstrators clashed repeatedly | Read More »

    Reuters’s “Israel-Hamas Violence Disrupts Gaza Truce” News: A Welcome Surprise or a Early Test for Obama?

    Reuters has reported that the Hamas fired dozens of rockets at Israel on the same day (possibly earlier) that the MSM declared that Barack Hussein Obama would be the 44th President of the United States of America. An excerpt from Reuters report Israel-Hamas violence disrupts Gaza truce Wed Nov 5, 2008 10:23am EST is as follows: Hamas fired dozens of rockets at Israel on Wednesday | Read More »


    Israel’s Day of Reckoning

    This blurb on Yahoo! scares the living hell out of me. In the caption next to the photo it describes the man working at the computer to be a Palestinian “refugee” working for the Obama campaign via the web-based call center. Where is this refugee? He’s in a Gaza refugee camp… known breeding grounds for Hamas and recruiting base for Palestinian terrorists. Am I making | Read More »

    Can Obama be trusted on Israel?

    Sen. Barack Obama’s priorities were revealed in his answer to the following question from moderator Brian Williams in the Democrats’ first presidential debate back in the Spring of 2007:


    In this day and age, we have every opportunity, to do our homework, educate ourselves and to also, be reminded of history. I am sure most folks have heard the expression, “I can see the writing on the wall” This is where a little history, explains where that came from. “And this is the writing that was inscribed: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, and PARSIN.” What does | Read More »

    New RJC Ad: Obama’s Naive Foreign Policy The Republican Jewish Coalition has released a television advertisement which will run for the next two weeks on broadcast and cable television in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Nevada. The total media buy for this ad is in excess of one million dollars. The ad features a video clip from the July 23, 2007 Democratic primary debate on CNN, in which Senator Barack Obama was | Read More »

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    A question regarding Obama and Hamas

    One of the few moments in the debate between Republican Joe Biden and Democrat Sarah Palin (follow the link) when I raised my eyebrow and said, “That sounds off” from either side – on the whole, there were only a few exaggerations during the evening – came when Joe Biden mentioned the the idea that both he and Obama had warned against the Bush administration’s | Read More »

    It’s Time To Remind The Electorate Of One Little Fact

    It’s time to remind the electorate of one little fact, and that fact is that the extreme factions in the Middleast have a huge interest in an Obama win. They will no doubt feel emboldened and there is sure to be a surge if Obama wins, however it won’t be a US Military surge, it’ll be a Jihad surge of the utmost importance. Remember this | Read More »

    Will Barack Obama Use Islamofascist Terrorists For Security?

    Yesterday I saw the World Net Daily article suggesting Islamofascist terrorist organizations, including the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, will be providing security for Obama in Palestinian territory. Tony Blair, in a recent trip to Israel, cancelled a trip into Palestinian territory because the Palestinians intended that arrangement for him. I did not blog this then because I tend to want other sources to back up | Read More »

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