Stepping out, er, on…

    This has the potential to not go well. The headline is “Woman’s head stepped on by Rand Paul supporters”. I can bet that liberals and anti-Paul, anti-Tea Party types will take that line and run with it. It’s laden with assumptions and stereotype. Thoughts about Kenneth Gladney’s beating by SEIU thugs at a Russ Carnahan townhall last year come to mind, but clearly there is | Read More »

    Can we pressure The Atlantic to sue Jill Greenberg?

    Remember Jill Greenburg? The Hollywood photographer who took pictures of John McCain on behalf of The Atlantic magazine? She then turned those photographs into disgusting caricatures of McCain. My “favorite” was the picture of an ape, deficating on the head of a true American hero. The Atlantic professed to be shocked, shocked that Greenburg would be so unprofessional. They sent reps on TV to express | Read More »

    G.I. Joe Biden = ( Gaffe Ingenue)

    I know it’s stating the obvious,but apparently Joe Biden truly is the ONLY one who knows The One better than any other democrap in the entire democrapic party. What other explanation do you have for, when every time he gets a shot at cloying a microphone and making a molesting and derogatory anti-Obama statement, he inevitably ,takes the challenge and succeeds?! All his attempts at | Read More »

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