Obama’s Infanticide

    The health care rankings that I am familiar with that like to list the United States far down on the list often use measurements such as infant mortality. I have seen some writings talking about how this measure can be misleading. I am wondering, though, if an infant born following a failed abortion (the kind Obama thinks should die), would count in our infant mortality | Read More »

    Stop Obama

    If you want to wait in line for cough medicine and antibiotics, then vote for Obama. If you think its ok to put a new born babie on a table an let it suffer and die because the partial birth abortion did not work, then vote for Barrak (Stalin) Obama. If you want cameras at every corner taking video of you and mailing you fines | Read More »

    Taxing the rich.

    Yesterday morning on a local talk station, a black business owner called in and said that he is extremely concerned about Obama’s plan for tax increases on the rich. He said, “I’ve worked hard all these years and finally own my own business and am proud to be making over $250,000. I don’t think it’s fair that I fork over a big portion of my | Read More »

    Reading McCain’s web site

    I think McCain wants to change the tax code so every family will receive a tax credit to offset the cost of medical insurance, with the money sent directly to the insurance provider, and any excess put in a Health Savings Account. I think He wants to figure out a way to get medical insurance for those who have been denied insurance, such as forming | Read More »

    On That Utterly Terrific Canadian Health Care System

    It’s really not all that terrific.

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