Wait until Obama finds out about this

    How long until Karl Marx Jr. finds out about this wonderful idea. Since healthcare is a right and not a responsibility according to “that one,” it seems the next logical step in his big brother, socialist, revolution, is to not just give people access to healthcare but PAY them to get it. This is ridiculous! If people don’t care enough about their health to visit | Read More »

    Health Care: Right or Responsibility?

    Show me in the U.S. Constitution where Health Care is a right? Will Obama amend the U.S. Constitution to guarantee Health Care for all? I pay dearly for my Healthcare. I am self-employed. However, I did at one time have a business with 8 employees and healthcare was a crushing burden. What are your thoughts?

    Is McCain still running??? Hello? Anyone out there???

    From the look of things here in NC, it appears that McCain has pulled out — or quit. I see no site of him, no ads, no news… heck you cant even get a sign to put in your front yard! He had a TWENTY POINT LEAD… and he FRIGGIN LOST IT!!!!!!!!!!!! On my drive in, every station was full of Obama ads. Not one | Read More »

    Obama/Biden Continue to Lie About McCain Health Plan

    At the debate on Thursday night between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Biden made this claim about the McCain health care plan to offer a $5,000 refundable tax credit: You know how John McCain pays for his $5,000 tax credit you’re going to get, a family will get? He taxes as income every one of you out there, every one of you | Read More »

    3 Things for the Next Debate

    Three Things for the Next Debate McCain must stress that a tax on the wealthy is a tax on the economy and a tax on the economy is a tax on everyone. Just like a rising tide raises all ships, a rising tax raises all tax brackets. There has to be a coherent response to this “taxing healthcare” charge now raised in both debates and | Read More »

    Are Body Parts Next?

    According Bill O’Reily… Obama believes that the federal government should be in control of income distribution and, to some extent, should regulate the free marketplace. That is a classic liberal position and the candidate promotes it well. And… …the senator also believes that poor Americans have a basic right to free health care and monetary supplements from the government with no strings attached. The American | Read More »

    The Great Healthcare Debate

    I was looking around rasmussenreports.com to see if there were any indications of a bounce for McCain after the convention (I know, less than 24 hours afterward is next to impossible to tell) and I stumbled across a table that showed who trusts the candidates more on what issues. I’ll tackle them in seperate entries (because I wouldn’t want to completely bore you to tears) | Read More »

    Welcome To The World of Logical Outcomes

    It seems that the British National Health System is facing a cost crisis due to rapidly increasing rates of childhood obesity. They may not be facing it yet, but they have smart people working for them, maybe even a Evil ORSA or two, who have drawn them a picture of what’s approaching down the pike. The British government has seen this picture and judged it | Read More »

    Stop Obama

    If you want to wait in line for cough medicine and antibiotics, then vote for Obama. If you think its ok to put a new born babie on a table an let it suffer and die because the partial birth abortion did not work, then vote for Barrak (Stalin) Obama. If you want cameras at every corner taking video of you and mailing you fines | Read More »

    Abortion Provider Closes Doors Instead of Obeying Laws, Old Media Silent

    Now here is an interesting little story that doesn’t seem to be getting any media coverage. In South Dakota after being held up in courts since 2005, a new law finally took effect on July 21 requiring any abortion doctor to read a statement covering the possible ill effects that abortions have on women — both mental and physical — at least two hours before | Read More »

    The problem with Obama’s healthcare plans

    Sen. Barack Obama’s healthcare plan cuts a wide path through the current road most Americans take. Besides hoping to expand Medicaid, in a series of recent speeches to Hispanic groups, he moved towards Sen. Hillary Clinton’s plan, hoping to provide a refundable credit of up to 50 percent on premiums paid by small businesses on behalf of their employees. ABC News says, “The Obama campaign | Read More »

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