Racist Gives House To Black Woman. Rent Free.

    [H/T: HotAir] Liberals in academia, media, and entertainment have one particular unshakeable belief; all Republicans are racists. You can be a life-long member of the NAACP. You can be married to a black woman. You could have spent ten years in Africa running a clinic providing healthcare to orphans. It doesn’t matter – the instant you register as a Republican and declare an interest in | Read More »

    Ask and ye shall receive?

    At President Obama’s town hall meeting in Elkhart, Indiana yesterday, some members of the audience had some interesting requests. Henrietta Hughes asked for a new car, a new kitchen, a new bathroom, and a new house, she’s homeless. Julio Osequeda, a student at Edison State University and a McDonald’s employee for the last four years, asked the President to mandate better pay and benefits for | Read More »