Adolf, Barack, Panache, and Puppets

    This comparison will feature Obama as Hitler – except Hitler was much more the genius. Hitler had no teleprompter, no speech writers, and no pre-determined group to elevate to levels of power in his government.  He was a loner who hated and despised success of those “rich”.  He spent his days with eloquent speech in the parks and bars just talking to the angry who | Read More »

    The Obama Salut – Where Have We Seen This Before?

    Just read on Gateway Pundit about the Obama Salut that is taking the Hip-Hop community by storm. Ahhh yes, it always begins with a charismatic dear leader…then the salut… Oh that’s right, I remember now… The Hitler salute, also known in Germany during World War II as the Deutscher Gruß (literally: German Greeting), or in English as the Nazi salute, is a variant of the | Read More »

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