Obamacare As An Invitation To Steal.

    Let us just stipulate that Bernie Madoff was blatantly dishonest and deserved to go to jail. At this point, reasonable people can still debate. Did Madoff deserve jail time for his dishonesty, or for the poor evolutionary strategy he employed while attempting to evolve into the Alpha Scumbag? If for some god-forsaken reason you still want Obamacare to succeed and are glad our just and beneficent Congress passed the AACA back in 2009, then you probably just think Madoff lacked the game to go where no dirtbag had ever gone before.

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    It was The State of Alabama, under Governor Wallace in the 1960’s who helped caused Federalism to fall into disrepute at the expense of the American commonweal. It is perhaps only fitting that a governor of Alabama do what is necessary to reinstate Federalism as a valuable weapon by which America resists totalism and tyranny that overcome less robust systems of national governance than our own. Governor Robert Bentleytook to the social media to plant the axiom that Alabama would not succumb to the constitutional travesty that is Obamacare. He tweeted the following:

    Alabama will not establish a Health Insurance Exchange and We will not expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

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