Accuracy in Media’s Daily Links for March 26, 2012

    Top Story The Strange Case of Sergeant Bales: Enemy Agent in the Ranks? – What we know, at this point, is that Iranian Press TV and Moscow-funded Russia Today (RT) are blaming the killings not on one man but a high-level U.S. conspiracy. They insist that Bales did not act alone but was assisted by other U.S. military personnel in what was a planned and | Read More »

    Bulking Up – US Fuels Israeli War Machine.

    And a thirsty one it is indeed, as they all are. The United States has sold Israel two billion dollars worth of military fuel stocks. That’s about 444 million gallons of JP-8, unleaded and diesel fuel. Israel’s air force would use prodigious quantities of fuel in an all-out air assault against her enemies that could last for days. The tanks and mobile artillery won’t be | Read More »

    Obama… My Friend Israel?

    Barack Hussein Obama is suffering from whiplash. His whimsical, ugly, anti-semitic and totally illogical treatment of Israel has come to an abrupt end. All is well with the Anointed One. His 180° course change with Israel has not gone unnoticed by Israel’s enemies in the Holy Land. Netanyahu and Obama No more starving Israel of strategic re-supply in the event a real shoot-em-up does get | Read More »

    How Much Time?

    I love enigmatic titles. This is one that is sort of sober in the sense that I’m attempting to discern how soon the business in the Middle East is going to erupt into something really nasty. The build-up of opposing forces is reaching fever pitch with multiple missile systems, both offensive and defensive, on both sides. Fajr-5, supplied to Hamas by Iran. Israel has developed | Read More »

    Syria. Israeli Trigger?

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has a surrogate. That surrogate is being trained and equipped by Syria. They are not only being supplied, they are being trained as a standing army. Assad’s surrogate is Hizballah in Lebanon. Syria is also training Hizballah fighters on the advanced M-600 missile systems which they have supplied. It’s been reported that Hizballah in Lebanon has some 40,000 rockets and missiles, | Read More »

    April… Where’s The Fool?

    I understand he can be seen flitting around the White House, dodg…, er, avoiding the press whenever possible. Even his extreme leftist lap dogs find it difficult to obtain access to His Benificence. Is it that his handlers have figured out that he doesn’t do well off the cuff? Is it because even the tame press is starting to ask a few real questions… few | Read More »

    Iran – While We Were Asleep….

    With all the Obama-Congressional dog and pony side shows to dazzle the rubes losing their luster, and the country coming to the stark realization that President Obama’s ‘transformational’ leadership is actually the gateway to durance vile for all Americans, have we taken our eyes and attention from what is actually happening in Iran? With our attention riveted to the battle in Washington over the detested | Read More »

    Clock Ticks – Israel Faces Off With Enemies.

    Before I get into the cauldron simmering in the Middle East, I want to revisit the ‘health care summit’ and an article written by Joe Klein of TIME/CNN. If there is a better example of why the ‘lamestream’ press are becoming extinct in this country I haven’t seen one. Mr Klein was apparently elsewhere during the hearing and depended on ‘tea leaves’ for his reporting. | Read More »

    Israel looks to play game changer in its war with Hamas

    Pretty good take on the current conflict between Israel and Hamas.  The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are ramped up in away that has not been seen since 2006 and maybe before that. The IDF’s current military operations against Hamas are offering all the conditions for a much larger picture in terms of military action and a political statement in the region. With well over several | Read More »