Presidential Debate at Hofstra

    John McCain did an amzing job yet again! Senator McCain did a great job letting the public know where he stands and his admirable moral character. Obama was a disappointment yet again, he did not effectively disprove his ties to Bill Ayers or ACORN, he was also unbelievably disrespectful because he was chuckling while Senator McCain was speaking.

    Debate Night! And Some Notes On Long Island

    Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay – Home of John McCain’s hero, Teddy Roosevelt Contrary to popular opinion, John McCain does not need to score a so-called knockout tonight. He simply needs to be on message, and passionately so: Barack Obama is an unqualified tax-and-spender, who has displayed incredibly bad judgment in his associations, which range from the hard left to the corrupt. He has no experience | Read More »