Nah…. Can’t be……. Terrorists Get ‘Mirandized’.

    Totally random and completely disconnected from anything else thought before I start…………. I wonder how long it will be before Americans who dissent from tyrannical rule and Fascism will be arrested and NOT read their Rights ? OK….. So then…….. This isn’t going to be all that long of a diary. I’m watching The Fox News Channel and…. well………. Here’s a print version of the | Read More »

    Holder did as much tapdancing this week as Pelosi did

    The full 3-hour plus session before the House Judiciary Committee is available here on C-SPAN. Here are some highlights – scrolling around is a bit of a pain. Times are approximate. I’ll point out the parts worth watching by highlighting them. 00:00 – Holder’s opening statement 10:00 – John Conyers barely stays awake while trying to read his opening statement, and by the end of | Read More »

    DC/Mexico…Springboards to Gun Ban

    It is no secret that the Liberals want our guns.  Just add them to the list of Liberal Seizures…right behind Civil Liberties.  I find it fascinating that gun regulations are creeping in closer and closer, yet there is little attention given it.  At the moment there appears to be some confusion amongst liberals as to the path that needs to be taken, but the first | Read More »

    Ahh. Isn’t this the President’s JOB?

    Drudge carries this headline “Obama rebukes attorney general for describing America as ‘nation of cowards’ on race… Developing… ‘If I had been advising my attorney general, we would have used different language’… “ Excuuuuuuuuuse me! Isn’t “advising my attorney general” the job of the President? I KNOW we have this child running the country now, but you’d figure, after the first few weeks he’d get | Read More »

    AG Holder: no more raids on medical marijuana clubs.

    I have two thoughts on this story (sort of H/T Instapundit*) Holder Hints at Ending DEA Raids on Medical Marijuana Attorney General Holder was speaking at a press conference Wednesday about Operation XCellerator, a crackdown on Mexican drug cartels, when a reporter asked him about the DEA’s stance on the raids. The reporter mentioned some raids that occurred right after the inauguration but before Holder’s | Read More »

    The Obama administration’s mistakes on the assault weapon ban.

    Note plural. Mistake #1: picking an Attorney General and administration spokesman who doesn’t even know current firearms law. Eric Holder was on today announcing that the Obama administration was going to bring back the “assault weapons” ban. As Purple Avenger of Ace of Spades notes, this is the same guy who called for making armor piercing bullets (“cop-killers”) illegal…

    Is Holder the Actual Coward?

    Dear Mr. Holder, Your boss is eager to promote “economic justice” and “social justice”. Last I looked, you are already the head of the Justice Department. Neat thought huh? So imagine my surprise when I went to and learned that that there was no race discussion at that web address. Nada for as well. You could start the discussion that you so courageously suggest, did | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Feb. 19, 2009 Tab for Obama’s home aid: $275B Program to help up to 9 million Americans pay mortgages — Holder says U.S. cowardly on race — EXCLUSIVE: Spy agency focus of shakeup — Steele: GOP needs ‘hip-hop’ makeover — Rehabilitation never tried at Gitmo — Clinton sends good will to ‘entire world’ No spotlight for Islam — Report opposes spinning | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Feb. 3, 2009 Holder confirmed; GOP refocuses on Daschle — Clinton to ask European aid on U.S. issues — Blackwater under review in Afghanistan — Obama wields pen at historic pace — Chicago hires outsider to head public schools — Press secretary with wit and drawl — Maryland slots bids fall short of hopes — PRUDEN: Looking for change in | Read More »

    When Black is White

    Today, Eric Holder was confirmed as Attorney General. Holder’s chief supporter, Sen. Patrick Leahy, said the confirmation was a fulfillment of civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s dream that everyone would be judged by the content of their character. I’m glad he’s the first Black AG, but what’s the big deal? The Democrats were only too happy to oust the first Hispanic AG, and applauded | Read More »

    Racism Alive on Democratic Side of the Aisle

    For now, I won’t comment on how the replacement of Senators goes: white woman for white woman (D-NY), white man for white man (D-DE), and black man for black man (D-IL). You know those stories. Even the “cannot-have-a-white-man-as-secretary-of-state” philosophy. These stories, while embarrassing to some, are true and the facts cannot be argued. But I am now told by my US Senator Mel Martinez, that | Read More »

    Holder should be Fitzgerald’s next target

    I have read various comments that Holder is not qualified to be the AG.  He clearly has the education, training and experience so I would not maintain that he isn’t qualified.  It’s what he has done with that education, training and experience that renders him unfit to be Attorney General. Andrew McCarthy at NRO appears to have unearthed the smoking gun, shown by the piece you will find here: | Read More »

    Day 1461: Holder’s testimony justifies limited preemptive pardons [UPDATED]

    Obama’s “looking over shoulder” assurances not withstanding [5:56 pm EST update: On a special Sunday edition on of FNC’s Special Report, Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post echoed Gamecock’s call for preemptive pardons for those CIA agents and others involved in the waterboarding and the decision to waterboard KSM and two other al Qaida leaders that led to information that saved thousands of American lives. | Read More »

    ‘Holder Clearly Does Not Have Judgment, Character or Values to Be Attorney General’

    Below is the full interview I conducted exclusively for Red State over the weekend with Joseph Connor about Eric Holder’s role in expedited clemency for members of the FALN granted by President Bill Clinton in 1999. Joe is the son of Frank Connor who was murdered in 1975 by members of the Puerto Rican Armed Forces for National Liberation (FALN). Eric Holder is President-elect Barack | Read More »

    Holder not in Hillary’s league on pardoning terrorists

    Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report Once again the Stupid Party seems to determine to miss another opportunity to score endurable political points against the Vile Party by playing the conventional wisdom beltway games. The conservative chattering classes have decided that the best cabinet nominee for a show trial to rough up the new President, is his choice for Attorney | Read More »