Yahoo pro Obama

    Folks, It’s become clear Yahoo is deep and I mean DEEP in the tank for Obama.  I’ll even through out the suggestion that the money changing hands is not just for Obama campaign ads but for total editorial license when reprting the news in it’s top headlines section.  Last night is the most recent example of the yahoo pro Obama, anti-conservative and anti-Romney bias. They | Read More »

    Global warming goes green

    Fellow conservatives, friends and those fed up with the 30 year global warming myth, Last night I was watching Deadliest Catch (a favorite of mine) and the guys were talking after the show about the record ice, the lowest and most ice packs they had seen in years or their entire careers; it got me thinking about the global warming freaks and it hit me | Read More »

    What $40,000 dinners really mean

    Here is really what is going on with liberals and celebrities and $40,000 a plate dinners with Jessica Parker and co.  Liberals and Hollywood liberals in particular need validation.  From the time on screen to the dim witted appearances on the View to these gross $40,000 a plate dinners is all about getting validated. Liberals are followers with a social group mindset to begin with.   | Read More »