Breitbart Calls Hollywood to Task

    At his Big Hollywood blog, Andrew Breitbart wonders the same thing many of us have been over the last eight years. How is it they can ignore the deaths of thousands of Americans on 9/11 and twist things to demonize a President they personally hate? Many of the celebrities that were central to demonizing and making life impossible for President Bush for eight loathsome years | Read More »

    Hub of Hollywood Conservatives Now Have Outlet

    It is well known that most of those in Hollywood are more Liberal leaning than they are Conservative, but with the introduction of a new hub may start to change how Hollywood is viewed. Andrew Breitbart, founder of, is no stranger to Internet surfing conservatives looking for news, and thanks to Andrew do they now have a new message to be introduced to. This | Read More »

    A Strange leap…. care to Play along? Obama _____.

    Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and the “Misery Index.” As the title states – this is a leap – so it will be up to you whether you hang in with me while we get through the “strange” to get to the point and then (hopefully you will choose to) engage in some discussion of the point, that we will eventually get to. 😉 I know | Read More »

    I’m Naming My Firstborn “Clint Eastwood” ;)

    When Mr. Eastwood (I call him Clint, but that’s strictly when we’re talking in private about our gun collections) rang me up in my impeccably-maintaned working-class suburban home (in a neighborhood that’s been ‘invaded’ by generic asian immigrants, natch) to tell me about the lead character he plays in his latest movie — Walt Kowalski — I was flattered, of course.  Flattered and honored, and | Read More »

    Saturday Movie Review

    Yes, I know this has nothing to do with politics, but it’s rare these days that a movie hits the theaters that I actually feel deserves my support. Anyway, it’s Saturday and the occasional distraction is a good thing now & then.Nikke Fenke recognizes something many of us have been trying to say for some time. Your movie doesn’t need famous stars, nor does it | Read More »



    CASTING CALL: Hollywood Stars need only apply:You seem to want “CHANGE”. Well you will get it. Since you back and strongly support “CHANGE” here are a few facts to ponder.You too, will be taxed into next week and your income is “MUCH GREATER” than $250,000. Maybe you should have requested to see the plan showing you how much you will be shelling out! It should | Read More »

    Hollywood is at it again

    In yet another display of Hollywood trying to flex its muscle, and in an effort to strengthen their liberal agenda, Warner Bros. has BLOCKED the release of a movie about American POW’s to ensure that it won’t have an “impact” on the 2008 Presidental election.They will release the movie titled “The Hanoi Hilton” but NOT until after the November election. Why didn’t Hollywood have this | Read More »

    Obama’s Hollywood Financiers

    A Political Look at HollywoodBy James HirsenA Newsmax ReportObama Should Distance Himself From Hollywood HatemongersRequests have been pouring in from the mainstream media and liberal politicians for John McCain and Sarah Palin to apologize and distance themselves from so-called divisive and intolerant comments made by rally attendees. Referring to the words as “alarms,” The New York Times via Frank Rich cited the following: “The raucous | Read More »

    Just Saw An American Carol

    I know many of you may have seen or are going to see An American Carol, but for those who may not, you’re missing a fantastic movie that’s funny, touching, and well paced with surprises and tempo changes that take this movie to so many other places than I had expected it to ever go.You may think you know what this movie is all about–think | Read More »

    Iron man

    My daughter and the grand kids came over last night with the movie Iron man. we watched it after dinner and I felt compiled to explain to the grand kids that the message was a lie, this movie was not just entertainment. but propaganda telling my kids that capitalism was bad and government is are rescuers. my daughter was quick to say come-on dad it | Read More »


    Matt Damon to Star in J.K. Rowling’s Lost Book


    Matt Damon…please, please keep talking

    Hollywooders are a death sentence for democrats and they just can not shut up. Like Kid Rock said, “when I find out who people from Hollywood are voting for we say hey, that’s NOT who I’m voting for.” Ole Matt should wake up and remember he lives in pretend land. The Palin’s are real people.There is one thing we have in common with Matt now | Read More »

    Michelle Obama Promises Gay Marriage & Adoption When Barack is President

    Why doesn’t Barack go and make these promises personally? Mindful of the audience in front of her, [Michelle Obama] then touched up gay and lesbian issues. “In a world as it should be,” Obama said, “we repeal laws like DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) and ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’” She also said an Obama Administration would “recognize” gay adoption rights. Both lines received loud | Read More »

    Hollywood Surrealty; Lindsay Lohan Provides the Dumbest Comment On Palin Yet

    Everybody stop what your doing. Lindsay Lohan took some time off from doting on her galpal Samantha Ronson to provide us with this insightful commentary on Sarah Palin:”I am concerned with the fact that Sarah Palin brought the attention to her daughter’s pregnancy, rather than all world issues and what she believes she could possibly do to change them-if elected. I get Sarah Palin’s views | Read More »

    Why do Republicans have to hide in hollywood?

    This is a great read abut what conservatives in hollywood are going through. I think it is amazing that they have to creep around and have secret meeting for fear of their jobs or reputations. There are several memorable quotes in the article and I reccoment reading it all. (H/T HotAir)This stood out at me as one of the best:Eventually, the conversation turns from policy | Read More »