S. Dakota Election News

    Today I started back on my first steps back into politics since my recent move to start my new job at the beginning of June. It started off good. Today both Joel Dykstra and Chris Lien came to the park in Pierre, S. Dakota to meet people and talk politics. I got the chance to speak to both of them. I was impressed. I was | Read More »

    House Republicans After Hours: The Sequel

    So, I returned to DC today to see the continuing protest in the House. Since I knew where and when things were, I was much more prepared; I left for the bus stop just as the sun came up (5:30), got a bus at 6, and stopped for breakfast in Falls Church (which is a really beautiful place… I’m looking forward to the day when | Read More »


    Recently, Fairfax County Board Chairman, Gerry Connolly (also the Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 11th Congressional District) was involved in a hit and run case. Connolly acknowledges that he hit the car of a pregnant woman while driving in the Tyson’s Corner area and drove away. Connolly opted for a hearing before a judge rather than trial by jury. The judge found Connolly not guilty because | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

     90 Days until Election Day  August 6, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: HOUSE REPUBLICANS…who cleared the primary yesterday promise to be the best crop of challengers we’ve had in years.  Republicans need to win 4 seats to gain a majority and stop the tax and spend Democrats. McCAIN TAKES BACK THE ISSUES…with his visit to Michigan, the McCain campaign has Obama talking "our issues"…jobs and energy.  McCain | Read More »

    The Energy Call to Arms Continues

    It seems unlikely that flight attendants working Continental’s afternoon service between Washington and Houston regularly field requests from passengers looking to leave the plane just minutes before it’s scheduled to take off. But the request one received from Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) this past Friday was no ordinary appeal – and neither were the circumstances that led Republicans to storm the floor of the U.S. | Read More »

    My story of Monday, August 4

    I read about what happened in the House on Friday, and was immediately excited that finally, FINALLY some elements of Congress were willing to stay and work harder than their schedule demanded. When I read on Sunday that Roy Blunt had issued a memo calling for it to happen again, I was excited: I wanted to see this. So, as a seventeen-year-old with no car | Read More »

    McCain Calls on Congress to Reconvene to Solve Energy Crisis

    Now, as all of us here know by now, a small group of Republicans (one certainly wishes it was bigger group) have been gathering in the House chamber since the recess to protest the decision by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to have Congress go into recess without attempt to solve the energy crisis, and if the Republican Cloakroom website is any indicator (and it | Read More »

    Congress should return to session as soon as possible and be allowed to vote on OCS drilling

    Even though I am scheduled to be in Texas today, I chose to remain in Washington to participate in the GOP effort to draw attention to America’s current energy situation, and to the fact that we in the House were prevented from voting on a substantive, comprehensive energy plan in June or in July. This week’s activities will involve everybody who is near the Capitol. | Read More »

    They Came to Make a Ruckus

    Ben Domenech is currently at the Capitol and will be filing live reports from the Republican energy “Speak-in.” Keep checking below the fold for updates. So here they come, those stubborn House Republicans, the persistent vagabonds of Washington D.C., haunting the footsteps of absentee Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The cameras are off – the microphones are off – and the long line of Capitol Hill tourists | Read More »

    DC Area RedState’rs, Lets All Go!

    In a previous post, I told my sad tale of going down to DC Friday to get in the House gallery and support the GOP drilling protest. Unfortunately, they shut it down earlier than they said they would. Minority leader Boehner announced (here) that they are doing it again Monday, so I’m going to give it another shot. Consider this an open invitation for other | Read More »

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    I went into DC to see the GOP House protest.

    Yesterday several GOP House members said on TV they would be keeping their protest on the floor going all night and keeping the gallery open. I wanted to go into DC, get into the gallery, show my support and witness first hand something extraordinary. At 5pm, I called my Congressman’s office (Frank Wolf VA-10) and they said that even though he wasn’t on the floor, | Read More »

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    Republican Revolt on the Hill

    I think this is excellent and just what I have been waiting for. I hope that they can keep it up and that it gets more press coverage. “The House adjourned about three hours ago, but GOP lawmakers, outraged that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democrats went home for five weeks without allowing a vote on offshore drilling, have refused to leave the floor. | Read More »

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