The RedState How-To

    Note: A year or so ago I published a diary of “Frequently Asked Questions” about RedState.  Erick’s recent “Dear RedState Reader” post reminded me that I needed to publish this.  This is a total re-write and expansion on that original.  Numerous new members have asked for an “instruction guide” on how to use RedState.  So – here’s a go at it.  If you have suggestions, | Read More »

    Some un-asked for practical advice for Tea Party folks.

    Since I temporarily have some people’s attention: If you are a website design-type person: now would be an excellent time to either promote the site that you have designed to act as a national clearinghouse for upcoming Tea Parties, or to actually sit down and design one. I suggest something lean, stripped-down, has an easy-to-remember link, and designed to let people easily post their own | Read More »