Vote Break Down: Florida On HR 3997

    I will now break down how Florida voted on this bill. Complete with links, so you can tell those who voted yes where to go. The list will be broken into who voted yes or no.

    Arena of Ideas interviews Congressman Blunt on HR 3997 and the challenges that follow

    Congressman Roy Blunt heald a conference call this afteroon with local media and bloggers. In a follow up email I received the answers to several hard questions regarding the bill’s reach in government and why such a compromise bill is important to all – including us who try to live by limited government principles. The answers, as always, were to the point and informative.

    Digesting the failure of HR 3997

    Im going to cut straight to the chase and note a few things which should be highlighted about the failure of HR 3997. Democrats control Congress. If they wanted to do so, they could and still might pass this legislation through, complete with ACORN funding and all. The fact that Speaker Pelosi failed to do so is fairly significant. It shows her (and Obama for | Read More »