What Passes for ‘Journalism’ At HuffPo Isn’t

    If you listen to the blabbers and gossipers, the Huffington Post is the talk of the town. It is claimed that Arianna Huffington’s “success” is the “new journalism,” the future of the news. TechNewsWorld proclaimed it “appropriate” that Huffington appeared in the YouTube series on journalism apparently because she personifies it. The New York Times celebrated HuffPo as “hybrid journalism” for its Iran coverage. Jeff | Read More »

    Huffington Post: Presenting Fake ‘Doctors’ as Experts?

    There is a charge starting to make the rounds of the science and medical blogs that the Huffington Post is allowing its bloggers to claim they are “doctors” when some really aren’t qualified to claim the title. Still others ply their legitimately earned title to discuss as authorities issues in fields other than those in which they trained. Some of these same “doctors” are offering | Read More »

    Observations from the Cheap Seats

    With due respect, if the Big 3 want our money, at least have the courtesy and respect for the American taxpayer to not feed us a line of bull regarding the reason the car companies are having so much difficulty. According to the Big 3 CEOs, the financial crisis is the cause of their woes. Really, so it’s only since September 15, 2008 that GM, | Read More »

    The Far Left

    I just got done watching Larry King and he had Arianna Huffington on. Well I didn’t actually watch it all, because I couldn’t take anymore. As I watched this woman spout her liberal filth I was bewildered. There before me sat a woman with a thick foreign accent voicing her opinion on what our country should be. You know the views…leave Iraq now, leave Iraq | Read More »

    James David Manning, PhD responds to Daily Kos, Huffington and other hate monger, socialists, leftists, extremists media

    Daily Kos, Huffington and other hate monger, socialists, leftists extremists media have caused this African American preacher to respond to the abuse of the 17 year old Palin child. I can’t believe this campaign has come to this. Caution, not appropriate for children. http://www.atlah.org/broadcast/ndnr09-03-08.html or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4-TZspqlOs&eurl=http://www.atlah.org/broadcast/ndnr09-03-08.html You may have to copy and paste.