On This Voting Day

    I have to ask the most simple and obvious question. Why is the RNC and every “conservative” group not demanding that a legal represetative of each state not at every voting place to hand out LEGAL voter IDs? It seems the biggest push against voter ID is that it is a burden to get to the official place of enlistment. Well, since our democrat friends | Read More »

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    Ohio Fair and Secure Elections Act

    From the Ohio House of Representatives Republican Caucus: “House Bill 159 will require voters to confirm their identities by presenting photo identification when voting on Election Day or by absentee in person at the Board of Elections. “The passage of House Bill 159 is a victory for the people of Ohio and for a fair democratic elections process,” said [Speaker William] Batchelder (R-Medina). “At a | Read More »

    The Precinct Committeeman ProjectHI | ID | IL | IN | IA | KS | KY | LA | ME | MD

    Read on the Committeeman Project here. Visit the Precinct Project here. The following is a listing of all the counties – boroughs [AK] and Parrishes [LA] – in the United States (HI ? MD) with the number of electoral precincts as on record last year and their populations as estimated in 2009 by the Census Bureau, arranged by state. The beginning of any project is | Read More »

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    A Conservative High School in Idaho?

    Idaho is about to get its first conservative high school, Nampa Classical Academy, to be opened next semester in Nampa, Idaho. Founder Isaac Moffett has organized the school as a public charter school. It’s about time that a school based on American exceptionalism again grace the land and Moffett aims to fulfill that very goal. Nampa Classical will teach Latin and Western classics, including the | Read More »