It’s “Soft Target Day” In Alabama, Arizona, Idaho And Nebraska.

    Alabama — “She was asleep in her bed when she was struck by a bullet….” She was six years old. Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin said the capital murder charges, which carry a possible death penalty, were filed against 18-year-old Aaron McDowell and 17-year-old Bernard Nix, both of Alexander City, and 25-year-old Stalandus Slaughter of Eclectic. The slain child, Kenyatta Kendrick, was a first-grader at | Read More »

    Idaho, Iowa and Kansas Races

     There is really no suspense in the Idaho race as Butch Otter, the Republican incumbent Governor is up by 18 points, and incumbent Senator Mike Crapo has a huge lead in the polls.  Both are expected to be easily re-elected.  That leaves the only suspense in the First District race between incumbent Democrat Walt Minnick and challenger Raul Labrador.  Minnick had been trailing by as | Read More »

    Time to Face Reality About Vaughn Ward

    n the national conservative blogosphere, Marine Lt. Colonel Vaughn Ward, a former employee of the CIA and a combat veteran is considered the candidate who will take on Congressman Walt Minnick (D-ID) in the fall. It is time for a thorough reconsideration of that scenario. Thursday was yet another bad day for the Vaughn Ward for Congress Campaign in Idaho’s 1st District. It began with | Read More »


    Tea Party Express meddles in Idaho race and gets it wrong…

    The curious move is no doubt based on the Tea Party Express’ stated desire to be seen as non-partisan rather than merely a Republican front. The group has endorsed one lone Democrat. The trouble with their selection is that he seems to be a rather odd choice. Its a choice that does not seem sensible if there is a desire to over-turn the Democrats majority | Read More »

    Lawsuits Planned by 38 States If Health Reform Passes

    Thus begins the anger of the states. Starting with Idaho and soon to be joined by 37 other states weary of the over-reach of federal power: Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter is the first state chief executive to sign a measure requiring his attorney general to sue the federal government if Congress passes health care reform. Legal experts say the measure, signed today, will likely | Read More »

    Meet Vaughn Ward (R, ID-01).

    ID-01: Cook has it as R+18; its current incumbent Walter Minnick won in a squeaker in 2008 thanks to a combination of Democratic headwinds and a poor candidate, and as neither condition is going to be replicated in 2010, he’s currently tacking hard to the center.  Minnick has thus already voted against the ‘stimulus’ and cap-and-trade, and he might even vote against health care rationing; | Read More »

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    A Conservative High School in Idaho?

    Idaho is about to get its first conservative high school, Nampa Classical Academy, to be opened next semester in Nampa, Idaho. Founder Isaac Moffett has organized the school as a public charter school. It’s about time that a school based on American exceptionalism again grace the land and Moffett aims to fulfill that very goal. Nampa Classical will teach Latin and Western classics, including the | Read More »

    Legislative Round-Up: Chasing Harassers to the End of the Earth

    First, reviewing the text of Rep. Steve Hartgen’s (R-Twin Falls) bill on online harassment, I find it fairly reasonable and a far cry from Hartgen’s winter anonymous blogging ban. For the most part, it simply takes existing telephone harassment laws and applies them to the Internet. I don’t see any reason for there to be a difference. As a blogger who has dealt with Cyber-harassment | Read More »


    More Taxes or Less Money?

    Tom lauds the spirit of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings who writes a New York Times guest editorial called, “Please, Raise My Taxes.” Tom is in  the Obama/Biden 1.0 mode that it’s patriotic to pay taxes. I don’t know if he’s gotten the 1.2 Geithner upgrade from HopeChange Headquarters which includes, “Unless you’re actually in charge of collecting taxes.” Or perhaps the server sent a /ignore | Read More »


    Democrat Congressman: ‘Stimulus’ is More than 80% Waste

    Freshman Democrat Walt Minnick (D-ID) is one of the Blue Dogs who opposed passage of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi spending plan. He has now introduced his own stimulus legislation. And how does it differ from the legislation being debated in Congress now?

    Otter Should Act in the Spirit of Obama

    Chris at Unequivocal Notion writes: Sloganeering will get us nowhere — however Republicans in the legislature need to realize that their Democratic comrades were elected by Idahoans – and those Idahoans also deserve to have representation in the Statehouse. In the spirit of our new bi-partisan age, it’s time for the Governor to walk over and listen to Democratic concerns. When a point of contention | Read More »


    Democrats Give out Soc. Sec. #’s of Opponent and Wife

    Democrats in Boise, Idaho are pretending they’ve done nothing wrong, as Democrats are wont, wide-eyed in amazement that anyone would question their morality after they produced a political mailer that gave out the Social Security numbers of a political opponent in a 1st Congressional District race there.The Republican, Bill Sali and his wife Terry, found their SS# printed on a mailer put out by the | Read More »

    Walt Minnick’s Big Benefactor

    In Idaho’s 1st District, Congressman Bill Sali (R-ID) is being challenged by Walt Minnick, a businessman and 1996 Senate Candidate. Minnick calls himself a “conservative Democrat” on his website, and, he expects to capture the seat and the Idaho media is doing everything they can to help.The Idaho media reports on Minnick’s fundraising advantage, but unlike with Congressman Sali’s 2006 campaign’s support from Club for | Read More »

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