Good Morning Open Thread

    A little Kirkean thought that came up in an email discussion: It’s important we remember the difference between a conservative, who has ideas, and a leftist who has an ideology. Ideas are flexible. ideology is not. Thinking men and women with ideas can disagree. Ideologues who disagree must shun and destroy each other. Open Thread.

    To Rick Moron err…[Moran] and any other “true conservative” that has words for Redstate…

    It started HERE with a well thought, well worded, well presented argument that we shouldn’t label Deomcrats and Leftists as “Socialists” and “Communists”.   The general premise is that those in Washington aren’t extremists and shouldn’t be labeled with ‘isms’ as they have the same principles that we share in the root of a common Ethical ideology known as Individualism.  That’s some deep thinking for those with insight into | Read More »

    Are the Democrats America’s Taliban?

    I was doing some research on the Taliban for an unrelated reason, and much to my shegrin, the more I read about them the more they began to sound like American Democrats. Ok, that may sound silly to those people whol are still ideologically ass backwards – after all, to them the world is still rosey and full of nothing but sunshine and lolipops – | Read More »

    How The GOP Is Repeating The Mistakes Of The British Right

    NOTE: Originally posted at Political Capital On the eve of an expected landslide sweeping Barack Obama into the Oval Office and congressional Democrats to majorities in both houses of Congress, many pundits have predicted a long period in the political wilderness for Republicans in national politics. Not so far away in the UK the British Conservative Party has only recently recovered from its own journey | Read More »

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