Another Biden Historical Gaffe

    This has become an embarrassing habit for Joe Biden. Not only does he continue to let blunder after blunder come out of his mouth, but he is doing so at the expense of historical accuracy. The FDR television gaffe was bad enough and so erroneous that you would think Biden would refrain from referencing anything before his time. That wasn’t the case however as we | Read More »

    Ifill The Impartial

    “Welcome to tonight’s vice presidential debate. I am your moderator, Gwen Ifill. As determined by a coin toss, the first question will be addressed to Senator Biden. Senator, do you agree with all intelligent people that Barack Obama will be a great president?” Biden: “In all honesty, Gwen, you should direct that question towards Hillary Clinton, who is infinitely more qualified to be vice president | Read More »

    Pray for Possibly the Most Persecuted Christian Sister in America

    I’d encourage Christians to pray for Sarah Palin if not as a politician, then just as a sister in Christ. She clearly entered the fray not knowing how entirely the media and the American left were set on totally destroying her and her family. They have already decided the spin is that she is Dan Quayle Mark II and are clearly going all out to | Read More »