The Absence of God

    Promoted from the diaries by AE. I was disturbed to discover that President Obama requested the religious symbols in Gaston Hall, most notably the inscription “IHS” that symbolizes the name Jesus, at Georgetown University be covered during his economic address earlier this week.  This follows his comments in 2007 that America is “no longer a Christian nation.”  While the President continues to quote the scripture | Read More »

    Obama won’t share stage with Jesus

    Georgetown, a Jesuit University, put its principles and beliefs on hold to honor the one, Barrack Hussein Obama.  At the request of the White House, the university covered inscriptions of ‘IHS’ that adorn the stage at Georgetown’s Gaston Hall.  IHS is an abbreviation for Jesus Christ.  IHS are the first three letters of His name written in Greek. From CNSNews dot com: Georgetown University says | Read More »