Style and Rhythm

    Cross-posted at Unified Patriots There have been 14 Presidential elections in my lifetime, and 2012 is number 15. Style and rhythm can be recognized by a young child and a senior citizen, but it is very difficult to quantify. It’s like distinguishing between art and porn. You just know it when you see it. Friends have told me that they are only interested in issues, | Read More »

    Ike Aftermath: Two Oil Refinery Spills Foul Pristine Communities!

    AP Investigation: Hurricane Ike’s environmental damage apparent as pipelines, oil rigs hit Ike’s toll on wildlife is still unfolding. Only a few pelicans and osprey turned up oiled, but the storm upended nature. Winds blew more than 1,000 baby squirrels from their nests. The storm’s surge pushed saltwater into freshwater marshes and bayous, killing grasses where cattle graze and displacing alligators. Flooding also stranded cows. | Read More »

    For Weather and/or Energy Geeks Only

    Courtesy our friends at Fugro/Chance (a surveying firm), and hosted by the Offshore Operators’ Committee: A .pdf file showing the tracks of Hurricanes Gustav & Ike. There’s a ton of detail in this map. You’ll need to look at it at close to 100% to make any sense of it. The purpose of this map is to show the structures (red squares) that experienced hurricane-force | Read More »

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    Hurricane Ike and Energy Policy

    The reactions the press and the commodities markets to the impact Hurricanes Ike and Gustav on our energy infrastructure seem to be “So what?” and “Ho-Hum”, respectively. My company has spent the last three days trying to assess the impact of Ike on our operations and on oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico in general. A picture is just now starting to | Read More »

    Obama blows it

    OK, so Obama was supposed to be on the season premier of Saturday Night Live. He cancelled because of hurricane Ike.OK, that is fine – but he blew a perfectly legimate chancefor a national appearance. He could have come on the show and said:”I was humbled to be in your great city this week.As you know the folks down in Texas have surviveda bad storm. | Read More »

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    For Weather Nerds Only

    The National Data Buoy Center of NOAA maintains a system of buoys and weather observation stations throughout the world. You can call up recent and historical weather observations on the internet. Here is the link to weather buoy stations in the Western Gulf of Mexico, in the projected path of Hurricane Ike. Click on a station number to see recent weather observations.