Flat World Watch: Australian pub-crawlers monitoring American borders.

    Via Tim Blair, American border enforcement is apparently now a pub game: The United States has unveiled an unlikely weapon in its battle against drugs gangs and illegal immigrants at the Texas-Mexico border – pub-goers in Australia. The drinkers are the most far-flung of a sizeable army of hi-tech foot soldiers recruited to assist the border protection effort. Anyone with an internet connection can now | Read More »

    Italian Tomatoes: Tonight’s Special Guest – Congressman Tom Tancredo

    Tonight’s Special Guest will be Congressman Tom Tancredo. The Congressman will be discussing speak about the current economic status of the U.S. and how immigration is pushing along the economic down turn. Also, as the new administration hits the two month mark, it is hard not to be struck by its utter weirdness. I do not like Hitler analogies in American politics, but Hitler’s bunker | Read More »

    Why Does Obama Want Illegals Legalized Quick? So They can Join Unions!

    According to reports, President Obama said it’s important to have a quick path to citizenship for illegal immigrants so that they can join unions to “get protection” from evil employers. Speaking at a town hall meeting in Southern California, Obama broached his newest cause celebre, “comprehensive” immigration reform, in Costa Mesa. “If they stay in the shadows in the underground economy, they are oftentimes pitted | Read More »

    Waiting For Bureaucrats To Say It’s Time To Make The Donuts

    One of the benefits of reading a lot of judicial opinions, as I do, is that you get to see a lot of retail examples of how our government operates at its most legalistic-bureaucratic. Yesterday’s opinion by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in River Street Donuts, LLC v. Napolitano is a wonderful little vignette about a bureaucratic system run amok.

    Is Palin Taking a Cue from UK Conservatives?

    David Cameron is one of the sharpest politicians in the world, he has managed to broaden the Conservative Party in the UK without abandoning Thatcherism. He has embraced being “green” without embracing leftist socialist environmental policies. The UK Conservative Party is considered the “greener” party of the two major parties. They’re also percieved to have a better grasp of the issues facing every day Non-Londoner | Read More »

    Happy not-quite-ending for war hero’s widow and son.

    (H/T: Technomancy for Fun and Profit) Quick background: last year, USMC Sgt. Michael Ferschke was killed in Iraq while conducting door-to-door searches. He left behind his Okinawan-born, pregnant wife Hotaru Ferschke, who he had married a month before by proxy; and, of course, there were problems with her visa. Wizbang wrote about it here and here; Senator Lamar Alexander‘s (R-TN) office has been working on | Read More »

    And….It begins…..!

    This was picked up from Michelle Malkin: The Messiah has yet to be sworn in and the Harry Reid has already started aiming in the Democrat skill crane on one of the big prizes in the Liberal Left Looney-Bin:  Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are again visited by the “Bad Idea that Will Not Die”.  If any of you believe that this attempt | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Dec. 16, 2008

    http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/dec/16/spending-soars-25-before-bailout/ Federal spending soars 25% before bailout Taxpayers get $1 trillion debt —   http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/dec/16/obama-aide-tied-to-failed-immigration-policy/ Obama aide tied to failed immigration program Rushed citizenship push let in thousands of criminals — http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/dec/16/obama-team-clears-itself-on-blagojevich/ Obama team clears itself on Blagojevich Delays report for U.S. attorney — http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/dec/16/greens-grapple-with-economy-for-obama-priority/ Greens worry Obama will drop their cause Energy team emerges — http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/dec/16/some-more-change-to-believe-in/ PRUDEN: Some more change to believe in — | Read More »

    AP Feels Sorry for Mexico Over Drop in ‘Money Sent Home’ By Returning Illegals

    I suppose the Associated Press wants us all to feel sorry for Mexico. With so many illegals here either having trouble finding work or actually returning home, Mexico is finding that its citizens illegally in the US have fewer American dollars to send home. AP says the “situation is so serious” that the Mexican government is trying to create new programs to reinforce ties between | Read More »

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…

    it goes in the tank.  My opinion of President George W. Bush, that is. Hat tip toMark Krikorian from NRO. Last month, November, US employers reduced employment by 553,000 jobs. Last month the feds handed out about 140,000 work permits and green cards to foreign workers so they could work in the US.

    Humiliation works

    Remember when the Red Cross raised money after 911 and then announced it was really just a donation and not for the victims of 911? The outcry made them change their minds. Union card check is very unpopular with voters. Democrats positions on immigration are unpopular as well. Adding half a million foreign work visas, ending e-verify for employment, not completing a border fence a | Read More »

    If Harry Reid is being truthful than John McCain is a stinking liar

    After the first amnesty fiasco McCain said “He heard our voices” and wouldn’t make any moves on immigration reform(amnesty) until all borders were secured etc etc etc. Many of us, myself included, weren’t sure if that was believable given his hiring of Juan Hernandez but given what we were up against in the election many took him at his word. Well the borders aren’t secured, | Read More »


    I don’t hang around Starbucks with the little metro-sexuals and there yuppie show wives. The real world. The conservative Republicans an Reagan Democrats have been talking about this in the bars and coffee shops for years. AMERICANS ARE TIRED OF BEING THE WORLD’S CHUMP. The world hates us but demands bailouts. Since WW2 they expect it. We owe them. Great Britan OWES US a trillion | Read More »

    Pay to train your competition?

    Obama mentioned his Obama Youth League during the campaign. Universal community service could be achieved by forcing universities to require students to perform an amount of “volunteer” service as a requirement for graduation. (I doubt that military service would count). This can be done legally since the universities are highly subsidized by the Federal government. Well, the Institute for International Education (IIE) has come out | Read More »

    Amnesty is the surest way to bury the Republican Party

    George Bush, Carl Rove, John McCain and a large part of the Republican establishment have championed an amnesty for illegal aliens. Proponents say the aliens will have to pay a fine so it isn’t amnesty. The recently proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform concept is an amnesty. It allows an alien to remain in the U.S. indefinately and achieve the dream of billions of people world wide | Read More »