Graham torpedoes cap-and-trade bill rollout.

    Because of the Democrats’ decision to make immigration a priority. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) decision to walk away from Senate talks on climate change and energy legislation  – at least for now – has prompted the measure’s remaining architects to scuttle Monday’s planned unveiling of the bill. [snip] Graham is upset over Democratic plans to take up immigration legislation this year – he accuses Democratic | Read More »

    Good John Smacks Down Obama Over AZ Immigration Bill

    Following Arizona’s passage of a tough new immigration law, Barack Obama described the law as “misguided” and implied that Arizona was being “irresponsible” by trying to protect its lawful citizens. Surprisingly (to me, at least), Senator John “the Maverick” McCain responded: “If the president doesn’t like what the Arizona Legislature and governor may be doing, then I call on the president to immediately call for | Read More »

    AUDIO: Tom Tancredo Interviewed by YWC’s Kevin DeAnna

    Our honorary chairman Tom Tancredo joins us to talk about his role in the tea parties, the turbulent political situation in Arizona, John McCain’s temper, and his return to the University of North Carolina.  He also challenges Dick Armey to a debate about immigration and the future of limited government.  This interview should create some headlines, so listen here first!

    Whoa there, Mr. Reid

    Nevada Senator Harry Reid went off the beaten path over the weekend when his lips, and mind to I imagine, promised to get comprehensive immigration reform done this work period. It was a very receptive audience. Estimates put the crowd at about 6,000, and most of them immigrants. Unfortunately for Mr. Reid, that message did not jive with White House talking points. Right now, the | Read More »

    Supreme Court cozies up to immigrants/aliens by a 7-2 margin

    And they overturned Kentucky’s Supreme Court to do so! Meet Jose Padilla. The other one. Maybe it’s the name that brings it out, but he’s a bad apple. Caught in Kentucky with a truck stuffed full of marijuana. His lawyer advised him to plead guilty (he was caught red handed) and so he did, and got what was coming to him. Here’s where it gets | Read More »

    The Price of Border Insecurity

    By Randy Pullen The murder of rancher Robert Krenz this last week on his ranch in southern Arizona, by a suspected Mexican drug dealer or human trafficker (Coyote) tracked back to the nearby Mexican border, was a tragedy in the making for 10 years. Many of us who have been directly involved with attempting to bring illegal immigration under control along the southern border feared | Read More »

    Video: Tom Tancredo Exposes Lies About Deadly Mexican Border

    Tom Tancredo exposes Janet Napolitano and the Obama administration’s lies about border security and amnesty. Verdict: The National Guard should be deployed to the Mexican border. Janet Napolitano should be fired.

    Lou Barletta Standing Up for Hazleton Again

    Mayor Lou Barletta, the rare elected official who actually seems to care about his constituents and his country, is speaking out about a class called “War in Hazleton” at Temple University.  Professor Lori Zott has formed a multi-disciplinary class which looks at the immigration battle in Hazleton, Pennsylvania — from a multicultural perspective of course.  Judging from the syllabus, the class hammers away with the usual | Read More »

    Illegal Immigration is American Suicide Walter Rodgers has a really good article in the Christian Science Monitor about illegal immigration from Latin America. There is nothing much I can add to this. I recommend you click the link and read this one yourself. He starts the piece with an arresting anecdote: Walking the sandy beachfront in this ultra-affluent city, I chanced upon two Hispanic men rummaging through the trash. Startled | Read More »

    Let’s Get Serious About Immigration, Conservatives

    Immigration is a difficult issue for conservatives these days. It is fraught with emotions and passionate feelings. Worse, whenever someone tries to discuss the issue dispassionately, the old canard of “no true Scotsman” is employed against them. But conservatives need to continue to have this discussion and get their ducks in a row on the issue because the other side has a successful call to | Read More »

    The Real Face of Amnesty Video

    Youth for Western Civilization founder Kevin DeAnna discusses the true nature of the recent amnesty rally in DC with photos of event as well as the Republicans quest for the mythical Latino vote.

    Footage of Amnesty Rally Sunday

    Video footage of the “March on America” where Illegal Aliens rallied for Amnesty. Foreign flags and radical Leftists were everywhere.

    Hmm. What’s Spanish for “Hey, rubes!”

    I ask because Democrats from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are trying to excise language from the health care rationing bill that would prohibit illegal immigrants from buying into insurance exchanges (see Hot Air for some analysis of what that entails).  Putting aside for the moment whether or not this is a good idea, it’s an open question whether the CHC has the pull that it | Read More »

    Illegal Immigration: The Whack-A-Mole Issue

    Allahpundit over at HotAir posted this a few days ago and I’ve heard little else lately regarding “immigration reform,” as newsies like to term it. Oh… except for this. “President Obama plans to focus attention on immigration next week by meeting at the White House with two senators crafting a bill on the issue.  White House spokesman Nicholas Shapiro said Mr. Obama will meet with Democratic Sen. | Read More »

    White House to End Self-Imposed Media Blackout

    Republicans across the country hailed a move by the White House to end its self-imposed media blackout. An administration press secretary close to the issue made the announcement off the record in response to widespread Tea Party disappointment with the President.