Quick note: Oregon cannot impeach governor John Kitzhaber (D).

    John Kitzhaber cannot be impeached. Literally. Yes, literally.

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    Obama Peddles Impeachment Conspiracy Theories To Raise Money

    Obama Peddles Impeachment Conspiracy Theories To Raise Money

    The definition of a conspiracy theory is that it requires belief in a secret agreement among other people in the absence of of any evidence of such an agreement. President Obama and the Democratic Party are presently peddling a conspiracy theory that Republicans have a secret plan to impeach him from office. Their reason for selling this theory is nakedly self-interested: to raise money from | Read More »

    How do you Solve a Problem like Obama?

    President Obama’s New Years Resolution to bypass Congress and step up his preferred rule-by-fiat form of government seems to be right on track and gaining speed. The definition of  fiat:  an arbitrary decree or pronouncement, especially by a person or group of persons having absolute authority to enforce it, such as a king. During his first Cabinet meeting of 2014, President Obama declared, “I’ve got | Read More »

    Impeach the bum

    Whenever an elected employee votes in a way that displease us or if the President signs a bill or issues an executive order that we don’t like usually the first thing that we yell is impeach the bum! The second thing that we usually yell is that’s unconstitutional! OK, that’ brings up some interesting questions, Is it possible for the Congress and the President to do things that are unconstitutional? And if it is possible for the Congress and the President to do things that are unconstitutional, is there anything that we can do about it?

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    Czars – Direct Violation of Constitution

    It seems pretty clear to me that the Constitutions grants the President NO POWER to create the positions for persons of high authority in the Executive Branch unless such offices are established by the Constitution or by Law. Impeach him now. Article II Section 2 – Civilian Power over Military, Cabinet, Pardon Power, Appointments The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and | Read More »

    When, in the course of human events, . . .

    His in-the-‘hood strut is nothing in comparison to the accelerating gait of his socio-political and economic agenda that we must begin stopping in its tracks. Obama’s tack toward Socialism will cripple America now and into future generations—perhaps beyond effective repair. The many maneuvers taking place fast, furious, and secretly behind closed doors belie his promise of an open, “transparent” government. The nameless people behind these | Read More »

    Impeach Harry Reid!

    Senate majority leader Harry Reid has finally just gone too far. The above video is a perfect example of what our Senators must endure, EVERY SINGLE DAY THEY GO TO WORK, and is further evidence why NOTHING ever gets done! And all we see in the press is “Republicans block passage of…” It is shameful how no MSM coverage of Harry Reid’s ineptness as the | Read More »