Alaska’s Income Tax proposal shows why to protect the sales tax

    Alaska's Income Tax proposal shows why to protect the sales tax

    Remember how they said that don’t worry, beating the Republican with independent Bill Walker is fine, and he’d be the TRUE CONSERVATIVE pick for Governor of Alaska? Turns out that was wrong, and backing the Republican was the right call. We know this because Bill Walker wants to impose an income tax on Alaska. That’s a terrible idea of course, but the root cause is | Read More »

    Why the Washington Post’s commenters should not be allowed to vote

    Why the Washington Post's commenters should not be allowed to vote

    Today is April 15. The day your federal income taxes are due. Every year, nearly eight out of 10 U.S. tax filers get a federal tax refund. The average amount paid over the past few years was roughly $2,800, according to the most recent IRS data. Who gets these refunds varies by income group. While 84% of those making less than $50,000 received a refund in | Read More »

    Every day is Tax Day

    April 15 is upon us: Tax Day, our national day of introspection about the burden of government.  It has been said that if elections were held right after Tax Day, we wouldn’t be in this economy-crushing fiscal mess. But is that really true any more?  Half of us aren’t paying any taxes on April 15.  Many Americans receive a tax refund, which they understandably but | Read More »

    A Case For Tax Reform: The 1913 Tax Return

    As if we aren’t bitter enough doing our taxes today, here’s something to ponder: The 1913 tax form was FOUR pages in its entirety, including instructions. In 1913, the 16th Amendment was ratified which granted Congress the ability to levy a personal income tax. The income tax for that year was a 1% tax on net income greater than $3,000. It also included a 6% | Read More »

    The Democratic Party’s Income Tax

    The U.S. income tax code is infamous for its complexity (think special interest lobbyists), and its “progressive” nature—named not for the fact that it increases with increasing income but rather, because it was the brainchild of the Progressive party that is now called the Democratic Party.  In that sense, maybe we should call it the “Democratic Party Income Tax”. However, let’s assume that there are | Read More »

    Income tax rates…what is “fair”?

    As we wrap up the annual waste-of-lives-endeavor (the federal income tax system), a poll again seems relevant. The poll reported in the Wall Street Journal asked what would be a “fair” tax, not on hard-earned, everything-at-risk, rags-to-riches American success story individuals but rather, for a lottery windfall. The results revealed that less than one-fourth chose a rate for the mega-million lottery winners of over 30% | Read More »

    In defense of Jindal’s plan

    I’ve talked about it before, but as more and more information comes out, I think it’s imperative to discuss it more and get other opinions on it. Governor Bobby Jindal has pitched his idea to eliminate the income tax in the state of Louisiana, which would make us the tenth state to do so. Interestingly enough, the conservative side of Louisiana political commentary is actually | Read More »

    If At First You Don’t Succeed…

    Yesterday, I made this suggestion: The federal government should offer income tax breaks for families which purchase or build their own homes on small plots of land. I also said this, just for the record:  [T]his is an idea in (at best) embryonic form right now. And it may be a stupid idea, anyway. But how do I know, unless I toss it out there | Read More »

    The “Ownership Society” Redivivus?

    It is truly a shame that not many conservatives today are familiar with the name “Wilhelm Roepke.” The aforementioned was a Swiss economist who championed a decentralist approach to just about everything (and thus, is my kind of guy). He preferred local government over national, market exchange over state-directed planning, and small business over “monopoly capitalism.” Roepke disdained concentrations of power in favor of a | Read More »

    A Fair Share From Everyone

    The Left is fond of accusing Tea Partiers and Conservatives of not wanting to pay any taxes.  I believe that to be a gross mis-representation.  Taxes are essential to funding our Country’s operation.  The United States Government generates no tangible product except stamps at the Post Office, so America is dependent upon an uninterrupted flow of cash from its citizens to keep everything moving along.  | Read More »

    Flat Taxes vs. Federalism

    Three of our top Republican contenders have taken up a suicidal lament: “Half the people pay no taxes! ” This is not only bad politics for the general election; it is bad policy – if you believe in federalism. I, for one, want to see Obama out of office and the federal government sticking to federal functions. And so I implore our standard bearers, and | Read More »

    Mr. Buffett, you lie

    Warren Buffett took the time to write an op-ed piece in the Sunday New York Times and give Barack Obama some cannon fodder for his taxpayer-financed campaign bus trip. Not being a regular Times reader (I prefer the Journal), I heard about the piece after news reports of Mr. Obama quoting it on the campaign trail. It seems Mr. Buffett doesn’t think he and other | Read More »

    Freeloaders – The Case for a REGRESSIVE Income Tax

    Liberals constantly recite the mantra that “the wealthiest Americans” should pay “their fair share” of taxes, whining about “tax breaks” (which are nothing more than legal deductions) and mythical “loopholes” that prosperous people supposedly use to avoid taxes. But they never talk about the one group of people who enjoy the biggest “tax break” of all – the 51% of working Americans who pay NO | Read More »

    Tennessee one step closer to outlawing Income Tax

    The Tennessee State Senate today overwhelmingly supported a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw the state income tax. By a vote of 28 to 5, the Senate approved Senate Joint Resolution 18, which is sponsored by Senator Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown). The five Senators who opposed the measure were Doug Henry (D-Nashville), Ophelia Ford (D-Crazytown Memphis), Beverly Marrero (D-Memphis), Reginald Tate (D-Memphis), and Thelma Harper (D-Nashville). Democrat Senate Leader Jim Kyle (D-Memphis) voted for the measure. Click | Read More »

    Tax Refunds – Its Our Money . . . I’m just saying . . .

    (((Standard Disclaimer – my handle refers to my handedness, not my politics))) Believe the Lie? I am one of a number of tax-paying citizens that have had their federal income tax refunds “delayed” for inexplicable reasons.  I’m not counting on the refund to make the mortgage, but it would be nice to pay off some debt.  That being said, (as a bona fide x-files fan), | Read More »