No Substitute for Victory – Visiting MacArthur

    Today I visited the Douglas MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Virginia, where I found this inscription on an inside wall of the rotunda.  I’d like to bring to your attention the bottom paragraph, taken from an address to Congress in April of 1951, which reads, “A great nation which voluntarily enters upon war and does not see it through to victory must eventually suffer all the | Read More »

    Jumping Out of Foxholes

    Does anyone ever read Jerry Flint? He’s an old-fashioned “car guy” who has been writing about the auto industry for nearly 50 years now, and he once wrote a column for Forbes about Detroit’s lack of leadership. And he said there are some guys you just know are solid, hard-core leaders. His example was Bob Lutz, who now is a vice chairman at GM. Lutz | Read More »

    About the Pay-Grade Thing

    Never make a joke that undermines the premises of what you’re trying to sell. That one’s not actually in the rule book (at least I’ve never seen it there), but you know it’s true if you’ve ever had to kick a cocky young sales guy under the table. Knowing where one stands on challenging, controversial questions is above Obama’s pay grade. We know this because | Read More »