Scotland and the end of centralization

    Mark Leonard at Reuters has some interesting thoughts about how the Scottish independence vote could be “the canary in the independence coal mine,” a harbinger of both statehood movements and political trends in “many nations that do not face imminent break-up – from America to Zambia.”  He specifies four of those trends as a desire for self-government that trumps economic interests, resurgent nationalism (which he | Read More »

    An appetite for domination

    Author Brad Thor tied together a couple of creepy media sideshows in a Tweet this afternoon: Wow, between this and Geraldo’s “Majesty” comment re: #Obama on @oreillyfactor… NBC producer: #BOWDOWN — Brad Thor (@BradThor) February 12, 2014 The first incident Thor referred to was Geraldo Rivera scolding fellow Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly for daring to ask Barack Obama serious questions during his pre-Super | Read More »

    Wanted: manly virtue

    Rich Cromwell writes a lively discussion of our culture’s attempts to deal with manly virtue at The Federalist, inspired by a hilariously funny advertisement that shows a guy desperately trying to recapture his masculinity after using a feminine product in the shower: Cromwell goes on a tour of leftist culture’s inability to define what “masculinity” means, especially since that culture is so nervous about endorsing | Read More »

    The independent year

    When I talk with anyone who professes to be a political “independent,” I always ask what they imagine they’re still “independent” from.  There is less and less room for genuine independence in our dwindling private sector. Of course, the independent voter is generally more interested in declaring his liberation from the two major political parties.  Maybe he doesn’t like either of them, or dislikes the | Read More »

    Giving thanks to the family

    Michael Barone suggests that conservatives will probably never be able to re-run plays from the Ronald Reagan playbook, because the increasing “progressivism” of the tax system – a smaller group of wealthier people paying all the obvious taxes, while nearly half the population takes a “free ride” – makes it just about impossible to propose growth-oriented tax cuts without getting clubbed to the ground by leftists mobs | Read More »

    Do NOT bring Mom and Dad to your job interview

    I’m reasonably certain this is not a prank, because the Wall Street Journal doesn’t usually run gag articles, outside of April Fool’s Day.  The title of this one is enough to make you gag: “Should You Bring Mom and Dad to Your Job Interview?” Millennials—people born between 1981 and the early 2000s—are much closer to their parents than previous generations, and they have gained a reputation for | Read More »

    Children of the collective

    William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection juxtaposes two recent incidents to conclude there is “something wrong in the water” over at MSNBC.  First, the left-wing network offered an extremely creepy segment in which host Krystal Ball coaxed her 5-year-old daughter into offering a politically correct “from the mouths of babes” endorsement of gay marriage.  Among the many things wrong with this segment, it was necessary for | Read More »

    “We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor”

    …Over two centuries ago, fifty-six men put their lives on the line to preserve and protect the freedoms that are the God-given unalienable rights of all free people….

    What can you do that will help ensure that these freedoms continue to be part of the American legacy? Can you volunteer a Saturday afternoon to knock on doors for a candidate? Can you take an evening to attend a candidates’ debate so you can be certain you are an informed voter? Can you help register new voters in your county? Can you write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper? Can you donate $5, $10, or $20 to candidates who you support?

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    A Message of Liberty

    We are a nation of immigrants.  Adventurers.  For most of us, our forefathers crossed oceans and weathered many storms to reach this land.  This “New World.” We are a nation of immigrants.  We came from all over – England, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Israel, Iran, India, Egypt, Russia, China, Japan… the list goes on. We are a nation of immigrants.  But when | Read More »

    Proud to be an American – from little tboca

    7/4/11 We have another day to celebrate our Nation’s Independence, but today as we look back over the time since our Nation was established we must stop and wonder about the direction America is headed. We’re at a crossroads and Americans must make a decision. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter | Read More »

    Can’t We All Just Go John Galt?

    All we do is talk about how sick we are of the government, of politicians, of Washington politics, etc. So why are we so wrapped up in it? They never have solutions that don’t involve what we are doing. We are the ones who produce the goods, grow the food, create the ideas, provide medical care—we move the country, not them.

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    Egypt? Muslim Brotherhood? Eh, So What?

    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness – Declaration of Independence These words mean a lot to | Read More »

    Graphic: Democrat Party Says, “HELL, NO!” to REAL Energy Independence

    Ignorance is a dangerous thing, so democrats who stand in the way of REAL energy independence drive me nuts.  This is my graphic response to indicate who the real "party of NO" is.


    This story is a response to Amy Miller’s “Twenty-Four.” It is a story about how I became an adult. But first, I hope you had a Happy Birthday Amy! THE STORY After I graduated from the college my parents sent me to, moved back to their house, and tried my hand at a few dead-end jobs I realized I had to make a change to | Read More »

    America: 1776-2009

    Our children and grandchildren will read about the two most important economic events in the history of America. The first being the Great Depression, the G20 Summit of 2009 being the second. Today, our economic freedom and independence was handed over to European bodies and international bureaucracies. I never thought I would witness a time when an American president would willingly forfeit our free market | Read More »