Turning Anger & Passion Into Action

    I won’t take up valuable bandwidth by posting links – there are a plethora of stories about “angry” McCain/Palin supporters. Also, there is no shortage of stories pushing the mantra that the election is over &, without saying it, Obama is…Inevitable. We’ve heard this little ditty before. “Lifelong” Republicans & conservatives who have seen the light & are going to vote for the Democrat – | Read More »

    Obama’s Berlin Campaign Rally Too Presumptuous

    In the wake of Obama’s Berlin speech, the media debates whether Obama is too presumptuous. ABC World News reported: “To his admirers, it was a soaring speech, with a new vision. To his detractors, it was presumptuous that a candidate for president would deliver a speech as if he were president.” Michael Finnegan reports “the staging of the Berlin event has led critics to accuse | Read More »