Polanski, Letterman, John & Kate: I Make No Apologies for my Social Conservatism

    Liberals have always moaned about a perceived tendency among conservatives to try to “legislate morality.”  This is nonsense of course.  It is liberals who allow their twisted moral code to be translated directly into paternalistic regulation.  But as a paleoconservative and as a pastor, I do consider it imperative that we do all we can on all fronts to preserve the social conventions that sustain civilized life, just as | Read More »

    A Jerk’s Progress: Pop Goes Pitino!

    It’s hard for me to feel sorry for New York City in general, or most New Yorkers I’ve met in particular. 9-11 made me feel that way and absolutely nothing has since. Any city that would elect John Lindsay Mayor and send Charlie Rangel to Congress deserves to wake up sore and disoriented the morning after.

    But then something happened that made me realize that there are some indignities that a just and loving God should not even visit upon New Yorkers. This epiphany occurred when Rick Pitino piped up and announced. “I’m a proud New Yorker.”

    I guess that’s not as bad as having your home town associated with Al Capone or Jeffrey Dahmer, but hasn’t New York City had to suffer enough with the recent recession? Nobody deserves to be associated with Rick Pitino. He ranks up there with every high-profile cad I can remember falling from grace. Pitino, like John Edwards, Mark Sanford and Elliot Spitzer has now fallen into a well-worn cursus honorem.

    He has reached the apex stage of what I’ll refer to as The Jerk’s Progress. He did something well. He received way too much undeserved fame and adulation. He forgot that his actions could have consequence, and now he gets to suck on the fumes of his own moral dissipation. That’s The Jerk’s Progress and Rick Pitino has clearly demonstrated himself a prototypical jerk.

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    Bill Clinton is a sincere man.

    Watching Bill Clinton tear up and whisper “I Love you!” as Hillary entered (stage Left) was a picture that will forever be burned into my memory. The waterworks that he managed to muster up at various parts of her speech could have only been topped by Billy when he squinted in approval at the mention of his own “legacy” and term in the Whitehouse.