The Green Movement Jumps the Shark, Part XCVII

    Being an early riser, I often switch on the TV to catch Fox News or CNBC first thing in the morning. Usually the TV is tunes to channel 483 or whatever we were watching the night before, and early morning TV is a wasteland of 30-minute infomercials selling Rock Hard Abs! or No Money Down Real Estate! (My personal favorite is the seemingly ubiquitous Is | Read More »

    McCain/Palin’s Pre-Rebuttal to the Infomerical

    You can’t blame us for noticing. Anyway, here it is: …and it is telling that I feel safe enough to say that the semantic content of this thirty-second ad is going to be roughly about as high as that of said thirty-minute infomercial. This is not a compliment to the latter. Moe Lane PS: Unlike Hot Air’s comments’ section, I actually like the “yet.” As | Read More »