The Republican Health Care Proposal Should Be… HSAPLUS

    Attention Elected Officials: You may have read about this first on RedState but this IS what you should do! The people will kill the Obama plan, but Obama won’t believe it. So offer this alternative NOW and push his plan OUT of the way! Health Savings Accounts PLUS! HSA+ bank accounts are not direct health expense payment accounts. They are insurance premium purchase accounts. Removing | Read More »

    WSJ Reports: Split the Bill, Pass on Reconciliation

    Just as feared: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that there is a 60 percent chance that Dems will split the big spending items (read “public option”) out and pass that with Dem-only support. Yes, the really are that arrogant.

    Lies, Damn Lies and Public Relations

    I wish I hadn’t been driving to work this morning when I heard this on the radio. That’s because I could not write down any names, including the individual making the claim or the PAC/think tank where he’s now working, “Democracy” somethingorother. Fortunately, I was able to find a similar story from UPI. Former Public Relations executive at CIGNA Wendell Potter, who now works for | Read More »


    HEALTH CARE – SO EASY A CAVE MAN CAN DO IT 1 – Restrict punitive damages in malpractice suits to $750,000. 2 – Enact a federal coding standard… require all medical insurance companies to use the same system. If the industry won’t standardize itself, this is an appropriate role for the federal government. 3 – Repeal all laws that restrict which companies can operate in | Read More »

    Health Care: Back to Grade School with Compare and Contrast

    I went to my doctor on Wednesday. No, not the local public clinic.  No, not a Doc-in-a-Box.  I went to my General Practitioner (also known as “Family Doctor”).  I found my experience strangely profound.  You see, I’d recently watched Steven Crowder’s video on Canadian Health Care.  If you haven’t seen it and aren’t interested in watching (you should watch it), I’ll tell you how it | Read More »

    Blue pill, or Red pill?

    Barack Obama: “If there’s a blue pill and a red pill, and the blue pill is half the price of the red pill and works just as well, why not pay half price for the thing that’s going to make you well?” (07/22/09) Why not take the blue pill? Because the blue pill symbolizes the false hope that Obama is offering the American people. The | Read More »

    Senator Judd Gregg Misses an Opportunity

    Peter Orszag, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, appeared on Fox News Sunday yesterday, delivering the party line on the topic of the takeover of health care by the Obama administration.  In doing so, he unleashed some whoppers on the viewing audience.  Those included: [The] President said yesterday he will not sign a bill that expands the deficit…. Once you take into account | Read More »

    Government is the Cause of High Healthcare Costs, Not the Solution

    The problem with healthcare insurance is not that universal coverage isn’t available, but that it costs too much. These costs are caused by overreaching government regulations which have suffocated the free market. Healthcare insurers are prevented from using community ratings, subjected to guaranteed-issue requirements, and have become locked into a limited range of coverages which are mandated by the state. Any-willing provider laws remove price | Read More »

    Doctoring on the Installment Plan

    How does a successful doctor deal with patients lacking insurance? Dr. John Muney decided to offer a deal. For $79 each month he would service patients with unlimited office visits, some tests, and even in-office surgeries — at all his AMG Medical Group centers. Now, the deal’s not for me. I have insurance through work, and I also have a family, so that $79 would | Read More »

    ‘Stimulating’ Health Care – China’s Trying It, Too

    The U.S. Congress is hammering out a legislative attempt to “stimulate” the economy with taxpayer-funded health care initiatives, including information technology (IT) and comparative effectiveness research on drugs and treatments. It looks like China has a similar — and similarly misguided — idea about linking government involvement in health care to economic “stimulus.” The International Herald Tribune reported January 22 that China intends “to spend | Read More »

    Banking and Insurance! What’s next?

    “The Bush administration, which took office as social conservatives, is now leaving as conservative socialists.” -Allan Mendelowitz Well that pretty sums it up I think. Congratulations folks.We are all now in the banking business! Banking and Insurance! Aren’t they the second and third oldest professions?? looks reasonable on the surface I guess….as reasonable as government stomping on free markets can possibly appear… “A Treasury | Read More »

    The political ad i want to see

    After the debate last night, I got to thinking about how insane it would be to allow this empty suit to have his finger on “the button”. The only “button” I think he should be pushing is the “Easy” button from the TV commercials. A picture formed in my mind of Obama in the Oval Office when a staffer comes running in and says that | Read More »

    Cost containment in health care has exploded inflation

    Mccain has a plan, simple but easily debunked in Vp debate. Need to express the vision of health care in US in the next 10 years.1. Reform: to transfer the responsiblilty for decision making to Family from Insurance companies.2. Empower communities for the quality of health care, and empower Hospitals and other providers to establish health care models like Mayo clinic/ Kaiser pernanate. Medicare/Medicaid dollars | Read More »

    Reid’s ‘bankruptcy’ comment drives down DOW

    I meant to do something on this myself. $15 billion, folks. Fifteen billion. That’s what the Democratic Senate Majority Leader cost American investors with one stupid comment. – Moe Lane I am shocked, just shocked that the Majority leader’s comment would make such a comment while Wall Street struggles on. Just classy. “We don’t have a lot of leeway on time. One of the individuals | Read More »

    Insuring Defeat

    I can’t believe our Republican leadership let an insurance salesman in the door. Some have proposed that we just guarantee the prices (provide insurance) for the buyers of securities. It is said this would cost less than $700B. “Insurance” guarantees that taxpayers will lose money on every mortgage backed security (MBS) that defaults. And make little on any that work out. Bad as it is, | Read More »