Intemperate Thoughts III

    Last year, I posted a listing of “Intemperate Thoughts” that occurred to me over the Independence Day weekend. They were generally random thoughts of politically-incorrect musings brought about by my daily interaction with socialists, progressives, liberals, conservatives, libertarians and the ever-indefinable “independents”. It was well received and so a few months ago, I followed up with some more intemperate thoughts. Well, I’ve been building up | Read More »

    Intemperate Thoughts II

    Several months have passed since my first set of Intemperate Thoughts. These are random thoughts that are short bits of reason. They are generally cynical, sometimes funny, often politically incorrect but (I hope) frequently insightful looks into the nature of politics, government, and everyday life. Enjoy! So, we have to spend money on Welfare for people who can’t find jobs, but we have to have | Read More »

    Intemperate Thoughts

    As I celebrated Independence Day this weekend, an number of intemperate and politically incorrect thoughts came to mind.  I’d like to share a few, and see what you think: I wonder what is the carbon footprint of all these fireworks? (one answer I’ve gotten: “You’ll find out when you get your bill, citizen.”) The guys on “Whale Wars” are concerned that the whalers “have stepped | Read More »