Intemperate Thoughts V

    My very first “Intemperate Thoughts” post came just after an Independence Day holiday, so it seems appropriate to have another during this holiday. For those unfamiliar, this is a list of random, often cynical and (hopefully) humorous thoughts that I’ve been collecting for the past few months.  They’re insensitive and meant to irk you.  And if you’re really offended by them, then I’m really, really | Read More »

    Intemperate Thoughts IV

    It has been a few months since my last catharsis of intemperate thoughts. It’s now time to release my latest list of politically-incorrect musings about life in these United States. Get ready, ’cause I’m coming out with barrels blazing! Intemperate Thoughts   The people of New York deserve Charlie Rangel. Despite the ethics cloud and numerous alternatives both liberal and conservative, they still voted for | Read More »