Olbermann is out!

    On the same day that Jeff Immelt becomes the new chair of a “jobs” panel at the White House. I’m guessing the Teleprompter wanted to get rid of Olbie and offered Immelt a job as an incentive to get rid of him (maybe because of what happened in AZ?). I don’t know why Maddow was allowed to stay, though. Also, some Arab guy is their | Read More »

    God Bless the USA

    Hi, I’m a newcomer to RedState and I just wanted to say hi because I see some other newcomers have recommended that as a way of getting to know the community.  I wanted to start my first diary by saying God bless the USA, because I think that’s something that doesn’t get said enough online, even on RedState.  In the next few weeks, I’ll be | Read More »