Natural Gas: A Tale of Two States

    The states of New York and Pennsylvania have clearly divergent approaches to energy policy. New York is a long-time producing state which shares with its neighbor Pennsylvania the Marcellus Shale as an exciting resource with seemingly unlimited potential. Drilling has encountered roadblocks in New York, while next door, Pennsylvania is enjoying a boom of investment, good paying jobs, and mineral income for its citizens. On | Read More »

    Obama’s Energy Tax Will Even Tax Strippers

    The President’s proposed 2011 Budget has tax-raising bulls-eye squarely on every demagogue’s favorite target, “BIG OIL”.  Nobody likes Big Oil, right? They’re the Shells, the Exxons and the BPs who keep jacking up gasoline prices, right?  WRONG. Regardless of what you think about Big Oil, those companies will hardly notice this tax increase. No, this baby will fall squarely on the backs of smaller, non-integrated | Read More »