Say Goodbye To Cairo: Why The Iranian Crisis Reveals The Hollowness of The Cairo Speech

    The Obama Administration’s response to protests against the Iranian regime’s contempt for even its own thin facade of democracy has been markedly muted and tentative; even the French Government has spoken out more clearly against the fraudulence of the presidential election and the mullahs’ suppression of the Iranian people than has President Obama. One conclusion we can draw from Obama’s failure to offer support for | Read More »

    The Cost of Freedom

    There’s a revolution going on in Tehran and it won’t be televised. The Islamo-Fascist Mullahs have dispatched their Secret Police to crackdown on the liberty movement and its youthful enthusiasm. Of all nations that reaped the rewards of freedom, of all nations that know all too well the burning burden and sacrifice of a revolution, that nation the United States remains silent as college students | Read More »


    Did Obama Admin. Try to Take Credit for Twitter’s Iran Coverage?

    Some attention was paid to the fact that the newest social networking website, Twitter, had decided to push off its scheduled maintenance Tuesday morning as the situation in Iran became steadily more embroiled in conflict. As it happened, Twitter was a major source of information coming out of that repressed society as news was happening. Twitter had, though, scheduled a few hours down time just | Read More »

    Twitter, Iran and Totalitarianism

    One of my first thoughts on seeing Twitter being used by Iranians following their elections was, ‘Imagine if they had Twitter during Tienanmen Square.’ Totalitarian regimes historically thrive, in large measure, by controlling the media and modes of communication. Would be protesters become isolated. Government propaganda simply spins any protest or event into something that reflects well on the regime in power. Yet now there | Read More »

    Iran’s Theocrats Raping Obama’s Cairo Initiative For What It’s Worth

    The recent “election” that took place in Iran doesn’t require a PhD in Poli-Sci to figure out. Figurehead Incumbent President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, just stole an election. Protestors have the audacity to protest. They are being dealt with in keeping with the traditions of unconcerned tyrannies.

    Ralph Peters is too old and too politically incorrect to waste his time tip-toeing around the obvious. He gazes upon the “robust debate” occurring now in Iran and writes the following.

    The result was that the mullahs and state corporatists no longer saw a need to play pretend. Bush worried them. Obama doesn’t.

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    Real world clarity educates all but Obama [updated]

    Axis shows its evil; Stimulus fails to stimulate and ABC becomes WHBC Generally, much like radio talk show host Dennis Prager, I much prefer clarity to agreement, and especially so in politics. Most bi-partisan “solutions” neither solve the problem nor educate voters on which of the partisan positions would more likely have been the solution. Hence, an America prosperous and free due to conservative Republican | Read More »

    Pence Stands With Iranian Dissidents

    Today Congressman Mike Pence – a member of the House Republican Leadership – introduced a resolution to make clear that the US supports the brave dissidents who are risking their lives for democracy in Iran. This ought to be a no-brainer. The United States has helped make the world’s most dangerous hot spot somewhat safer by supporting democracy in the Middle East. As Moe has | Read More »

    White House elevates its rhetoric on Iranian election fraud.

    Allahpundit has a post up about the White House’s sudden, if guarded escalation of its anti-election fraud in Iran rhetoric – I can’t imagine why we’re suddenly seeing that; can you? – and ended it with this question: Exit question: How would Saddam be reacting to all this if he was still in charge in Iraq? The answer to that is actually simple: he wouldn’t | Read More »


    Barack Obama Either Naive On Iran Or Just Plain Dumb

    The Iranian, “election,” is history. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the incumbent was ,”reelected,” with what has been reported as a landslide victory of about 70% with he an three other candidates running for President. His closest competition was a more moderate candidate whose loss has caused massive and violent protests in the streets by supporters. The world is acting surprised and calling for investigations. But one world | Read More »

    Iran Revolution: The Redux

    General consensus is that Moussavi is as bad a thug but as A-jad but he’s a thug who is riding the wake of an important movement straight from the people.  Michael Totten said today (and I agree) that this could potentially be the biggest historical event for regime change since the Berlin wall came down. There have been terrabyte gobs of information spent on this | Read More »

    You’ve Reached Abu Hussein, Please Leave a Message

    President Obama’s very first real foreign crisis is unfolding before the eyes of the world. Iran is beset with protestors over an obviously stolen election. North Korea is saber rattling over the United Nations sanctions because of nuclear weapons and holding two American citizens as jailed hostages. The Israeli prime minister is holding out an olive branch in order to engage the peace process with | Read More »

    BREAKING: Militia fires on Iranian protestors.

    @jaketapper AP News alert FROM IRAN: AP photographer sees pro-government militia fire at opposition protesters, killing at least 1. And if this is true: @StopAhmadi (via AoSHQ) The Basiji police that killed 4 ppl in Tehran got killed by the ppl! eye for an eye! #iranelection …we’re now at the cusp of something. If the crowds start thinking that the militia are going to shoot | Read More »

    Dennis Ross abruptly removed from Iranian envoy slot.

    First off, let’s avoid euphemism, particularly when it involves the Iranian regime: Dennis Ross does not have a ‘Jewish background.’ He is Jewish. Jewish mother, observant of the Conservative sect of Judaism, co-founded a synagogue.  And bless him for all of that, although the anti-Semites currently in control for Iran certainly wouldn’t; it’s hardly surprising that they don’t want him as envoy from the USA.  | Read More »

    “Now watch this drive.”

    Do you know what worries me about the current US response to the stolen Iranian election? What worries me is that once we hear the official response, this (via @magnolia_tree): Unfortunately, no focus group needs to be taken on one sad fact. America is to blame for this. The President and I would like to send our apologies to the Iranian people and government for | Read More »


    A Hard Lesson

    Iranians are discovering a principle, with this presidential election, that many people worldwide don’t understand. In fact, most people in the United States don’t really comprehend the principle of democracy. Many people, especially in the Democratic party, believe elections are the lifeblood of a democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Elections are only a gauge that indicates the will of the people. Elections | Read More »