Iran 2, Obama 0. Ahmadinejad aces Obama on second serve.

    Does badminton have aces on serves?  I’m not sure but either way the Iranians just went up 2 to 0 on the Obama administration.  As Fox News reports here: WASHINGTON — The United States on Wednesday expressed disappointment with Iran’s refusal to issue visas for an American badminton team and said it did not bode well for possible similar outreach programs in the future. As | Read More »

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    Iran 1, Obama 0. “We’ll write a letter…”

    So how many of you had the under in your office pool of “Can Iran make President Obama look both weak and amateur in less than two weeks?” Parlays like that one are tough to hit but then again Obama is a far left kind of guy.

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    Today’s Headlines — Feb. 4, 2009 EXCLUSIVE: Air Force fails new nuclear reviews — STD, no-smoking cash still in bill Democrats redefine health funds — Obama admits mistakes with nominees ‘Did I screw up? Absolutely,’ he says — German embraces Clinton in election year Foreign minister to face chancellor at polls —- Iran’s space launch turns clock back — Democrats positioned well for 2010 Gregg | Read More »

    Obama’s America: Our New Government At Work

    Face to face with the worst economic crisis confronting our nation in decades, our dedicated public servants are hard at work on our behalf.   The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is busy launching an online petition for readers to express their outrage at conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. This, coming on the heels of triumphant Democrats confirming a tax cheat as our new Treasury | Read More »

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    Turns Out Iraqi’s Have Had Enough of Sectarian Violence

    Like the exit polls reported by the media networks on election night in the U.S., early results of the Iraqi voting are beginning to seep out — the Shiite religious radicals appear to be in for the voting equivalent of the middle finger.


    Barack Obama, The Neville Chamberlain Of Our Time

    Throughout the election Barack Obama regularly brought up the issue of Iran. Depending on which crowd he was speaking to Iran was either a small insignificant country who did not compare to the former Soviet Union and posed no threat. Or a country whose nuclear ambition and funding, training and support of terrorism posed a threat to the entire world. Two polar different views expressed | Read More »

    Good News: There’s a new hit single, “Obama, He Wrote Me A Letter”.

    Partial lyrics to “Obama, He Wrote Me A Letter…………. I don’t care how much Yellow Cake I gotta make……. Gotta get back to killin’ once again………. Georgie Bush is gone, now it won’t be long ‘Cause Obama he wrote me a letter. ….Well he wrote me a letter since he couldn’t believe I want to rule the world……….. Says here that he’ll talk to me | Read More »

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    First fruits of Obama’s U.S. as Middle East “dictator” slander

    Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report It didn’t take long for President Barack Hussein Obama’s aggresion inviting weakness messages to bear fruit. Iran’s Jew genocide-seeking MembersOnlyJacket-ijad “reaches out” to our America-Criticizer-in-Chief (A-CINK), but I can’t tell if A-CINK will interpret this as an open hand or a clenched fist: “Those who say they want to make change, this is the | Read More »

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    President-elect Obama gets welcomed on to the world stage

      For the first time ever, President-elect Obama has received negative reviews and it is pretty safe to assume this is one major muslim capital crossed off the list for Obama’s planned speech. Iranian protesters showed their outrage at Israel and the U.S. and burnt large posters of Obama in Tehran yesterday. It is a national past time in most muslim countries to burn pictures or | Read More »

    Could Iran Be The Next International Crisis?

    During the U.S. election process, Joe Biden made that statement that President-elect Barack Obama would be tested with an international crisis, opening the door for nations to cause strife throughout the world. In time since that comment, Israel was forced to defend themselves against radical terrorists and Russia closed off gas lines that transported vital gas to other countries. However, there have been some – | Read More »

    Israel looks to play game changer in its war with Hamas

    Pretty good take on the current conflict between Israel and Hamas.  The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are ramped up in away that has not been seen since 2006 and maybe before that. The IDF’s current military operations against Hamas are offering all the conditions for a much larger picture in terms of military action and a political statement in the region. With well over several | Read More »

    Some Macro-Thoughts on 2009

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    Iran’s Push Into Nicaragua

    Last night on Rocky Mountain Alliance Radio, RMA host Joshua Sharf and co-hosts Ben Degrow, and yours truly welcomed guest Todd Bensman, writer for the San Antonio News-Express. Todd has been working on an investigative reporting Breaching America Series about the increase of illegal immigration of people from Islamic countries through Guatemala and Mexico.Since 9-11, homeland security agencies have caught thousands of “special interest aliens” | Read More »

    Timely technology?

    This airborne laser anti-missle system seems to be making good progress. Here’s some detail.Aloft over the Persian gulf, might this system neutralize the Iranian nuclear missle threat to Israel, and possibly to Europe?And aloft east of NoKor, might this system protect Japan? I’m unclear what kind of anti-missle system can protect SoKor, given the super-short missle flight times.Will the BHO administration snatch defeat from the | Read More »


    Bush world barbarians at Obama’s Gates

    Originally published by Mike gamecock DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority ReportBarack Obama was the one, who was waiting for? Was it us, or Al Qaeda in India; Russian missiles near Poland and warships in Venezuela, respectively; and Iran near the bomb?Suddenly, post-Olympics, post-Election Day and especially post-intelligence briefing, President George W. Bush’s post-911 record doesn’t look so bad. Why else would he make | Read More »