The best thing we can do to help our neighbors to the south.

    In short militarize the border.     Mexico is in a de facto state of war.  Drug cartels are fighting each other for territory and the government at the same time.  El Presidente Calderon blames America.  El Presidente said somethng to the idea that it is 50% the U.S. demand for drugs and 50% an inflow of weapons coming from the U.S. (sorry didn’t catch | Read More »

    McCain and Lieberman on Afghanistan

    John McCain and Joe Lieberman are teaming up to stiffen our spines again.  In their latest Washington Post editorial, they preemptively warn against flagging public resolve to finish what we started in Afghanistan.  It’s worth a read. I’d like to know who their national security advisor is, because he has excellent insight.  He hit the crucial lesson of Iraq right on the head with this | Read More »

    Wanted: A Republican Leader

    Democrats have been successfully painting the Republican Party as one that is mean-spirited, vitriolic, and uncaring about the common man. Likewise, in response to these attacks, Republicans have sought to prove them wrong by adopting “compassionate” and “tolerative” platforms. By recognizing their argument and then amending our doctrine to appease the conflict, we have essentially proven their point. But to do so not only makes the party look politically weak, it is a strategic blunder.

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    McCain Campaign: The Early Days

    The 2008 presidential campaigns will long be remembered as historic.  Of course, one of the most remarkable thresholds crossed was the record breaking financial resources raised and spent through the process.  In fact our fund-raising for McCain-Palin 2008 raised over $450 million, by far the most successful in Republican Presidential campaign history.  The previous record was $260 million, set by Bush-Cheney in 2004.  Much will | Read More »

    Brothers At War

    In Iraq a U.S. soldier told Jake Rademacher, “I’d give my life for America any day. Wouldn’t think twice.” Jake himself has two brothers serving in Iraq and he wanted to know why? Why are they doing it? So he packed his camera and embeded himself with his brother’s unit in Iraq to answer that burning question. What makes our soldiers put their lives on | Read More »

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    Obama Heals The World Via DVDs!

    We were told over and over again during the campaign that the presidency of Barack Obama would restore our standing in the world. I’m not sure of the definition of “restore” but I am finding it a little different than what I would have imagined. Consider the following: 1. DVD-Gate: Apparently the appropriate gift to a visiting head of state from one of our closest | Read More »

    See No Evil: The Obama Foreign Policy

    One of the major concerns conservatives have had with candidate Obama has been his seriously warped view of world politics and foreign policy. Candidate Obama did everything in his power to get into the good graces of the left wing fringe of the party to unseat her royal highness and heir apparent Hillary Clinton, the powerful front runner and New York native (wink wink.) While | Read More »

    Advice for the President: how to handle the antiwar Democrats.

    I read with some interest this article which describes a supposed Blue-on-Blue fight looming over the upcoming reduction of troops: Congressional Democrats’ misgivings about President Barack Obama’s plan to reduce troop levels in Iraq has set the stage for potentially major conflicts between Capitol Hill and the White House in the months ahead. Obama’s announcement Friday that he will leave between 35,000 and 50,000 troops | Read More »

    Quote Of The Day

    You wonder if Maureen Dowd reads her own paper when she writes things like this: “Mr. Obama called W. on Friday to give him a heads-up about the repudiation on Iraq. Robert Gibbs said the call was not at all contentious.” Should someone tell her it wasn’t contentious because it marked  the fulfillment not the repudiation of Bush’s Iraq policy? (Hence, the decision to leave | Read More »

    Christian Brose’s Analysis Of Barack Obama’s Speech On Iraq

    “Bush probably would have given a very similar speech.” Do read the whole thing, of course, but that line was worth highlighting. As is the following: At the risk of heading into la-la land, I think Obama should have tipped his hat ever so slightly today to President Bush, Sen. McCain, and other Republicans who had supported the surge strategy, naming them and thanking them. | Read More »

    Christian Brose: Obama should have thanked Bush for the surge.

    (Via Hot Air Headlines) This is in the context of mentioning President Obama’s recent military speech, and in the context of discussing the fairly obvious – to people with functioning neural tissue, at least – points that the President is coasting on Bush’s successful surge strategy; and that our failure to actually have an ambassador to Iraq at the moment is, put simply, dumb. With | Read More »

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    ‘Mission accomplished’ redux – Obama declares ‘our combat mission in Iraq will end’

    Today, President Obama visited Camp Lejeune, N.C., to declare his scheduled end to the war in Iraq on August 31, 2010: Even though 50,000 troops will remain in Iraq, Obama claims “mission accomplished.” I know, I know; Obama didn’t actually say “mission accomplished.” But then neither did President Bush, when he declared “major combat operations in Iraq have ended” in front of that banner requested | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Feb. 27, 2009 Obama to conclude Iraq mission by 2010 — Obama proposes sweeping, $3.6 trillion budget — Charity tax limits upset many — Obama’s intelligence pick linked to Saudi Arabia — Banned firms given millions despite fraud Loopholes used to gain contracts — Redskins sign Haynesworth — Nats sources say GM’s job in jeopardy — Poker industry woos CPAC | Read More »

    How Iraq was Won

    Give ya a hint, it wasn’t all flag officers and politicians Every day, NCOs in Humvees, junior officers from Captain on down were dealing with the local police and Iraqi army units one on one. The Staff Sergeants, Gunnys, and corpsmen went face to face with local people and called them out. They coached, encouraged, and shamed when necessary. They went into dangerous areas not | Read More »

    Lazy Iraqi Police get motivational speech from U.S. Army

    I’m not sure who this Army officer is but he needs to get promoted. Better yet make him our Secretary of State and send him to talk to Kim Il Jong, Alhmadinejad and the rest of them. **Content warning** Language used is that of a military commander in a combat zone. If your favorite TV show is The View then this video represents real life | Read More »