Listening To The Generals And Military Experts

    Remember that George W. Bush got excoriated for this kind of thing: On Wednesday, the president met with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Michael Mullen and Central Command commander four-star Gen. David Petraeus. Gates, supported by Mullen and Petraeus, vigorously argued that the president should back away from his campaign pledge to withdraw all U.S. combat forces | Read More »

    In Iraq and Afghanistan, President Obama Should Remember Paris

    The peace we seek in the world is not the flimsy peace which is merely an interlude between wars, but a peace which can endure for generations to come. It is important that we understand both the necessity and the limitations of America’s role in maintaining that peace. Unless we in America work to preserve the peace, there will be no peace. Unless we in | Read More »

    The Legacy of George W. Bush

    Unfortunately, for years to come, George W. Bush will now be known for an economic recession and nationalizing the banking industry. While that is partly true, that is not what he will be known for in forty years. I do believe that after America has had a chance to get through this economic downturn, no matter whose fault it is, we will be able to | Read More »

    A Stimulus For Oshkosh, WI (already in the works)(or wars) OPEN THREAD

    According to the lib estimates, the war in Iraq is nearing the $600 Billion total.  Presently, our new commander-in-chief is suggesting $850 Billion to “stimulate the economy”.  Why is one supposed to work where one is supposed to have failed? If I may be so bold, I’d like to propose this as an open thread. On January 5, 2009, it was announced that “Oshkosh Defense | Read More »

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    Farewell to President Bush, A Decent Man

    It is perhaps ironic that the left wing has settled on the characterization of President George W. Bush as a megalomaniac, obsessed with power and willing to trample on anyone or anything to achieve his evil aims. Ironic because it is President Bush’s refusal to even forcefully counter his critics, let alone trample on their right to criticize him, that has allowed the left to | Read More »

    U.N. Resolution a Declaration of U.S. Victory in Iraq

    Late last month, with scant attention from the domestic mainstream press, the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 1859; which, in effect ends the Iraq War.  The resolution declared the end of the multi-national forces mandate in Iraq.  The authority for U.S. troops remaining in Iraq has given way to the Status of Forces Agreement recently signed by the Iraqi government and the Bush Administration. | Read More »

    An Ordinary Man

    An ordinary man lost his life in Iraq this past Saturday. Staff Sgt. Justin Bauer, 24, of Berthoud, Colorado, was killed by an explosion near his patrol. He was a husband, a son, and a brother. He was a standout lineman and wrestler for Berthoud High School only a few years ago. I’m a Jr. High and High School football referee, and I see ordinary | Read More »

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    Two Years Ago Today

    Two years ago today – 10 January 2007 – your humble correspondent made his RedState debut with a lengthy essay entitled “Is Iraq This War’s Guadalcanal? (The Consequences of Victory).” I’m pointing this out – and putting this on the front page – not out of ego. I’m doing this because it’s a reminder of how far we’ve come, and what a great victory has | Read More »

    Ex-aide: Saddam would not have allowed Gaza raid, NOW We’ve Done it!

    The Associated Press today posted a story that is so utterly pointless for its very existence that it boggles the mind. Apparently, some loser Iraqi that used to be a somebody under Saddam Hussein’s viciously murderous government has issued a “tape” whereupon he says that Israel would never have been so bold to have hit Gaza they way it has if Saddam were still in | Read More »

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    2009 Coming Attractions

    2008 was one of the most interesting years in recent history. It held many surprises, which brought both reason to cheer and brought great disappointment. We experienced a historic and for conservatives very disappointing Presidential election. An economic down turn that shaped our economy and the election. Great strides in Iraq because of the tremendous efforts of Americas finest. 2009 will be another historic year | Read More »

    Happy New Year! The Iraqis now run the Green Zone.

    Happy New Year! It’s that in Iraq (quagmire, quagmire, Vietnam); in fact, Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki wishes for January 1st to be a national holiday in his sovereign country. Baghdad’s International Zone (Green Zone) has been turned over to the Iraqis as of midnight, 01/01/09. The Green Zone has long been a symbol, to the Iraqis, of the U.S. military presence, and now it | Read More »

    Merry Christmas

    It’s just a simple gift, and not even a new one. In fact, it’s even been passed around some. I had to borrow it myself to share it with you. But sometimes the best gifts are ones that many can share in. Go ahead, pass it around some more. Share it with all that you think might appreciate it.  Merry Christmas, and please remember our troops in your prayers. | Read More »

    Churchill’s fighting spirit MIA in Britain

    If the United States is going to achieve a surge-style victory in Afghanistan, it cannot depend on what was once its most reliable ally for help. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and many U.S. commanders on the ground have expressed doubts that Britain has the political will to fight. Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s move to withdraw British troops from southern Iraq and his demonstrated lack of | Read More »

    Olive Branch

    John McCain and Joe Lieberman have written a very good editorial on Iraq policy, in which they point out that thanks to the implementation of the surge and the counterinsurgency strategy–again, let us note that the President-elect and Vice President-elect opposed both of these policies and have not yet admitted error–there is an opportunity for bipartisan consensus to be created at long last when it | Read More »

    President Barack Obama Victorious in Iraq!

    Look for that headline, or a close cousin in February or March. Now why in the world would I say that? Maybe because, as I’ve been accused lately, I suffer from BDS and simply refuse to give George W. Bush credit for anything. Well, while I suppose I could be accused of that (and probably will be, but I really don’t care), that’s just not | Read More »